[Seo consultant] Singapore SEO: Using Description Meta Tags

Singapore is really a melting pot of budding businessmen. If you're one of
those individuals, it's just right which you try to discover as a lot as
you are able to about seo.

Regardless of what you're trying to market online, you should usually know
the fundamentals of SEO. You cannot just rely on the programmer. What if
you lose your programmer? What if you have to upload a file and no one's
there to assist you?

Whenever you know the fundamental ideas of managing an optimized web site,
you would be sure that you're on-line company will be easy sailing.

For this write-up, we would talk about in detail what a description meta
tag is, its function in SEO and how you can do it right.

What It is

A meta tag will be the keywords which you use to tag a particular page in
your web site. A description meta tag is that sentence or two that you see
inside a search engine result that describes what the web site is all about.

This is also occasionally referred to as a snippet of one's page. The
description tag must not be lengthy and should be that contains the proper

What It Does

The easy answer is that the description meta tag makes it simpler for a
search motor crawler or spider to discover you.

Some SEO consultants say that the description meta tag is not truly that
important and you can do away with it. Truthfully, you are able to.

However , you see, a description meta tag is essential simply because
Google will use this as being a short summary for your web page. Generally,
a search motor will look for visible text in your web page that matches a
user's query but if a spider cannot really discover it around the real page
but that keyword can be discovered in your meta tag, your web site will
nonetheless be listed.

Inside a way, a meta tag would serve as your safety blanket in times
whenever a crawler cant discover the proper key phrases inside your
content's body.

How to Do it

Now that you know how important a description meta tag is, it is just which
you make sure that you are doing the best practices for your website's
description meta tag.

1. Make certain the meta tag precisely summarizes the page's content- there
is no use fooling a search motor.

2. Do not create a description met tag which has no relation with the
page's content material.

3. Avoid utilizing generic descriptions just so you could cover much more

4. Do not fill your description meta tags with only keywords- a crawler
needs high quality content material.

5. Never copy and paste the whole content material of the web page within
the description meta tag.

6. As much as possible, use unique and high quality meta tags in every of
one's pages.

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