Laughter is the Best Medicine

My current boss hired me for a particular job because of some lame reason. She said I smiled a lot and it seems to be I am happy always. She said that during the interview I did not only answered her smartly but I always have that big smile in the end.

Yes, I do smile a lot. I laugh a lot. But I never ever make fun at other people just to bring laughter.

I've read once that laughter is the best medicine and I would say yes it has been my medicine from everyday stress.

There are a lot of things that bring smiles to my face. My nephews are included. My dear friend Daisy who could not comprehend right away. Nancy's little phrases out of movie titles or anything that is really nonsense (she's absolutely so funny about it). My preggy sister and Michelle King. And a lot more.

To quote: (from www.cbsnews.com)
We change physiologically when we laugh. We stretch muscles throughout our face and body, our pulse and blood pressure go up, and we breathe faster, sending more oxygen to our tissues.

People who believe in the benefits of laughter say it can be like a mild workout — and may offer some of the same advantages as a workout.

That's why I smile and laugh always. And so I will just smile at BR.

Celebrating Christmas on the Web

It is not unusual for me to spend the holidays online. For one, mother's no longer here with me. I'm not living with the rest of my siblings. I live with people that has their own family to celebrate with during the holidays.

On December 24, I decided to go to Dad's place to cook spaghetti and eat dinner with them. It turned out we have to eat spaghetti in the afternoon, so after eating, Dad went out to some friends house. My brother was there, sisters too. We all eat again around 11pm before Christmas Eve, and this time we were able to talk for awhile. Then again, brother has to go to his wife's family and have his second dinner for the Christmas Eve. Sisters are going with him. I have to go back to my place alone.

I live with my mother's sisters. House was bright, all lights were turned on and my cousin is on the computer doing something. Table was full of food. I can say, this used to be the Christmas Eve dinner at Dad's house before when Mom was still alive. Anyway, I am old enough to be sad about it. I have to accept the fact that I am not going to experience that with my family. And their are people that is still connected to me that I can celebrate the holidays with.

When I got home, I immediately log on to my computer and do some online stuff like go to twitter.com. Also log on to my Yahoo account, Gmail account, Blogger, and other stuff. I am definitely was lonesome last Christmas but the web kept me company all throughout. My cellphone also kept me company that night. I was bombarded with lots of greetings.

I love my life. Whatever comes in my life, I can be mad about, I can be happy about, it doesn't matter. All things have made me who I am and have made me stronger. One way to keep me up and going was getting online to celebrate Christmas on the web. It was fun indeed. Not to include fighting vampires over facebook. I've turned my loneliness into something productive and creative like writing a post for my blog (but was not able to publish it).

This is life for me. Harder may it seems but I am enjoying every bit of challenges that comes my way.


Why Do I Blog?

A lot of people is asking me why I spend time blogging for nothing. They think I would be discriminated or laughed at every time I make a post. Well, I am Asian and they believe that people from other countries would be mean to me if I would continue on blogging.

They can be right, they can be wrong as well.

I believe in any country someone will be against you or will be supporting you. I know that with my personality, my first reaction to something mean would be to get mad about it. Then, I have to think of whether I should react or detract. If it's something against my understanding or views of what is bad behavior, I would do anything just to let it out. After a few minutes of being alone, I prefer to write down what is on my mind.

Writing down helps me. It is one thing that I am free to do, same as those who would be commenting on my posts. It's the free will. I am glad I am born in a country where free will to write my thoughts are allowed.

I can choose not to be careful with what I write but I should be commenting is another thing. For one, I have all free will when I am establishing a paragraph of thoughts comparing it to writing down my comments it is a cautious writing of thoughts for I have to consider what the writer is trying to convey in her or his post.

Although I am aware that I cannot control one's comments on my blog, I completely have to take it all in me when someone is making fun at me. Let them be, as I say it always. Anyway, they will have their own experience.

As a blogger, it is so damn hard to make a good post. But as a commenter, it is so easy. Why? It is easy because you don't think more deeply in commenting. You base your comments on what you have read and the way you were able to understand it. In making a post for your blog, you take more time in thinking what to write.

Also as a blogger, whether your comments are serious or not, I would be glad to accept it. I respect your side but you should respect my side as well.

Think first before you react.


Goal: Xbox For my Nephew

My nephew, RJ, wants an Xbox. I can't give it to him right away unless he will give me good grades by the end of the school year.

The one who's wearing white is RJ, the other one is Jet. They are brothers. RJ is the eldest and he wants me to buy an Xbox for him.

Jet wants a teddy bear. I gave him a stuffed teddy bear but he wants another stuffed bear because he knew his older brother is asking for an Xbox.

Honestly, I don't have money to buy an Xbox, so if you want to give me one why not. I would be glad to accept it. That was just a joke.

I told RJ that Xbox will be given to him only if he has good grades. He will attend class and he will wake up early for school.

I think its a great deal for me also because it will give me time to save money and I know my cousin Michelle will donate some and of course their ever beautiful grandmother. I will have to tag the boys' mother, Sugar, to join the fund raising for Xbox for RJ. I will call this, Oplan: Xbox for RJ.

I am not yet a mother and I know soon I will be a mother, I think kids right now would like to have all the things in the world. For elders to not make them spoiled or something, a little game would not hurt anyone. Kids would treasure it so much if they knew they've worked hard for something.

I don't know if my assumptions are right but would it be so bad to try? To mothers who would be able to read this post, let me know how to and what to do. Do you think what I will be doing is right?

December Blog: My Wish List

I have listed my wish lists and I have to tell you, I was not able to do them all. It was so funny because I have totally switched my attention to the Davao Children Cancer Fund, Inc. and with the journey of Susan Reynolds who is currently diagnosed with breast cancer, and now that December is almost over, those whom I promised to give a gift this Christmas was asking, "Where's my gift?".

Hahahahahaahaha..... and a lot more hahahahahahaha

This was the craziest Christmas ever for me.

Well, I know it is ok for them. I have spent a lot of effort raising toys for the charity activity I organized.

I would like to thank Janette Toral personally and publicly. Thanks! Also Ms. Nancy Gilay, my office buddy. Thanks a lot gurl!


An Addict To Blogging


Lets101 Quizzes - blog quizzes

Passing this on to Juliana and Michelle Clark.

How addicted are you to blogging?

Who are my best mates?

Seen this at my friends blog. I like it.

fun quizzes for myspace profile and blog

Lets101 Quizzes - Myspace Quizzes For Fun

Breast Cancer

I have been following tweets from other people who talked about Susan Reynolds. She was recently diagnosed to have a breast cancer. She's not supposed to be a candidate like she said.

To read more of her article click here.

My Hubby's mother died of breast cancer. I know for sure he's not over with what happened to her. According to my hubby, he's not sure if he will ever get to accept the fact that his mother died of breast cancer. He has seen her suffer. He made it sure that he will find any Star Trek series he can find for his mother.

Her name was Judy. I haven't met Judy but she knows about me. I always wanted to go to her that day when she was in the hospital. She told my soon to be husband that if he wants to marry me she would be happy.

It wasn't easy for my soon to be husband, neither to my end. It was hard to accept it since I am so excited to meet her but she can no longer wait. But I have to be strong for my hubby is weak and one of us has to be strong.

When I got back home, I got a message saying, "She died 6am today." I felt the chill. The whole night, I kept on thinking the IFs. If I was the person who has breast cancer, what shall I do? If I have a relative who has a breast cancer, what should I do? There are a lot of IFs in my mind. And at that night, I dreamed of Judy smiling and waving at me.

I made a post before Judy died. I made a prayer for her. There were some people who gave comments to that prayer. I do hope others will offer something for Susan Reynolds too.

For Susan, and for the rest of women who are suffering from breast cancer, here's a prayer.

Dear Father,

I lift unto You Susan Reynolds, someone I do not know but she's suffering from breast cancer right now. I would want her to meet all those who prayed for her. All those who supported her. All those who will soon discover bout her situation. All those who donated frozen peas for the rest of the cancer patients.

I lift unto You a woman of courage and that she will share her courage to the rest of the breast cancer patients who are in denial.

I lift unto You her doctors, her nurses, her friends and most especially her family, to have strength to give her an all-out support.

I lift unto You the rest of the Twitter users who supported her even if they are not with her physically.

I lift all these unto You, O Lord.



December Blog: December Charity Activity Pictures

Davao Children Cancer Fund, Inc.
Davao Medical Center

From MTC Academy Staff, we would like to say thank you so much to all those who gave toys and food for the activity.

- RASI Computers
- Butch Argoncillo
- Ireen Moraga
- Dr. Edison Martin
- Umbeer Balani
- Carol Flores
- Baby Lim of 4Play Badminton Court
- Ate Baby of Tower Inn
- Chattee Lara
- Michelle King
- Christian Te who took the pictures
- Daisy Sy and Jun who took the pictures
- Dax Alonzo for the surprise number
- Mimi Castillo
- Carol Simon
- Anonymous friend of Carol Simon
- Internet Cafe Association of Davao, Inc. - President Mr. Adolfo Solanor
- Oca and Mrs. Calderon of Allied Bank
- Jonathan Lobo
- Mrs. Wit Holganza
- DXSS Mom's Radio for the partnership and the support
- Pinky Verdon

Thank you so much!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

December Blog: Getting Sick During The Holidays

I have been very busy picking up gifts and wrapping them for people that are close to me. I forgot to take care of myself! Now I have to stop and have to stay in bed for a while because I have to gain back my strength.

I'm not happy being sick, it's the holidays and I need to get up and stroll to every store in town looking for some cute stuff, especially sale madness of all the malls.

Darn! This is truly not a perfect, getting sick during the holidays.

Till the next post!


A Comment from Dustin Moskovitz of Facebook.?

"Haha boy was this girl wrong!"
- Dustin Moskovitz, Co-founder of Facebook

Yesterday, I got bothered by the live traffic feed that I get for my blog. People coming in to my blog from Facebook.com and they all read or looked at this particular post;

Facebook on Blackberry US Phones...Hmm... Want Like That For My Nokia Phone in the Philippines

I wonder what happened. Later, I have an anonymous person saying;

btw, Dustin at Facebook just posted this on his Facebook profile. In his comments:

"'I know Mark Zuckerberg or even Dustin Moskovitz will not read my blog but anyway I do hope it will reach them.'

Haha boy was this girl wrong!"
And then look at the live traffic feed. I am using Feedjit.

I am sure that the person who made the comment made a link to my blog and then there you go anyone who read the comment, clicked the link. Everyone is reading the same post.

Look at visitors at this map. It says, 921 visits. I am using Hit2map this time.

Then I checked my hit2map today;

WOW! The stats say 989 visits from 921, which means 68 visits. Whether you are really Dustin or not, I am happy someone like you made that comment.

Thanks! I'm happy.


Again My Nephew Jethro Singing The National Anthem

He don't know how to end it.

My Nephew Shakin' Some Booty

Jethro Nethaniel

December Blog: 5 Things To Make This Christmas Better (The Entrepreneurial Way)

I always wanted to give someone a gift this Christmas. I want to give her this, and him that, and these people in the office these little office things. Oh well, I always end up not buying for myself too. Now I would just say, there will be payroll the next 15 days.

Here's how I will make this Christmas a win-win situation.

1. My officemates don't have time to go out and look for things to buy. I ask them what do they need to so I can look for them secretly. When I found that piece of junk I show it to them and say, "My friend's selling one. What color you like again?"

I earn a little, and I help them buy things without getting out to the mall. I'm the walking mall!

2. Some people don't know how to wrap. Yes, I buy Christmas wrappers and wrap it for them, but I don't wrap inside the office but I told them I will get this wrapped inside the mall. They never know, when I was at a food station, I wrapped it myself.

I am the wrapper.

3. As a wrapper myself, I make loot bags too. They will just pick what loot bags they like.

4. I sell brownies and other sweet goodies. I don't make them myself. I don't have time at all. I look for someone who will bake them for me. I gave that baker an extra job which will earn him or her an extra income for Christmas. And then, I sell it to those who are lazy to look for gifts.

5. Tell them about your idea of what you are doing. You'll never know that you might be able exchange some stuff with them without spending too much.

Hope you will have a merry merrier merriest Christmas ever.


December Blog: What to Eat This Christmas That will Bring You Good Luck

In order to be lucky this Christmas and for the next year, some Chinese friends told me to eat only prawns or shrimps and some big squid. Why? You got to eat only this kind of food because they say it will bring you luck.

I didn't ask for the details because they said, to know the reasons is like throwing away the luck that was pass on to you. I wonder why is that.

As for the reason why shrimps and prawns are to be served, is because the color after cooking is orange. (This is just a wild guess. Don't put your trust on this article.)

Does anyone here knows why we should only eat squid and shrimps?

"Chi fan le mei you?" "Have you eaten yet?"


December Blog: Make a Kid Happy This Christmas

I know everyone wants to give to someone this Christmas season. And I thank you all who clicked the link at twitter.

I know too that I can call on to others to help me raise these toys for the kids at Davao Medical Center's House of Hope. Who are these kids? Well, these are cancer patients and they are fighting cancer at a very young age. With as much as 100 pesos, we can make 10 kids happy or even more. These kids does not need too much. They need your presence and feel that there are others who care for them.

Help me raise the toys or books. Drop it off at MTC Academy, E. Quirino Ave., Davao City. Call us at 222-6822, if you want us to pick it up.

Merry Christmas!

And in advance, thank you.


December Blog: I'm Joining a Charity Activity

I am fortunate enough that even if I am in a rocky situation, God didn't give me any cancer like these kids at Davao Medical Center's House of Hope.

Now, to continue giving joy, DXSS Mom's Radio and MTC Academy thought of giving time and toys to the cancer patients in Davao.

The two establishments are hoping to raise enough toys and food for the kids. They would also want you to participate in raising the toys and food.
Please call 222 6822 for more inquiry.

Let us see them smile with our toys.


December Blog: One at a time

Hello! This is part two of my December Blog.

First on my list was buying my auntie her favorite necklace. When we were there at the store last night, she said she has allergies to fake silvers and gold. We asked the saleslady if the necklace is real. The saleslady asked her supervisor and said, no it is just for fashion. To my auntie's dismay she asked me to treat her for dinner.

I know she's a little sad but food makes her happy. And I know later she will tell me the "If only" phrases.

She met with her friends after dinner and I accompanied her. Wanted to make sure she's happy until the night is over. Good thing I don't have work tomorrow.

Going on to the second on the list, buy me a slippers. I bought two pairs of slippers for myself. Yippie!! Woot woot!....

Next thing, buy dad some shorts and underwear. Till the next post everyone.


December Blog

I would want to start my December Blog with a wish list and how am I going to get all the things I wanted.

Wish List:
1. Buy my auntie a necklace that she like - budget P200.00
2. Buy me a sleepers - budget P300.00
3. Buy dad 2 shorts and underwear - budget P300.00
4. Buy my sister some brassier - budget P200.00
5. Buy me a pants - budget P600.00
6. Buy me a camera case - budget P200.00
7. Buy me a blouse - budget 400.00
9. Buy my hubby a polo shirt - budget 400.00
10. Pay Doctor Haw - P2,000.00

How I wish to get those all done before Christmas. I will just be waiting for my 13th month bonus. Hope I will make them happy this Christmas and I will be happy.

Next December Blog, December 5, 2007.


Fighting Mediocrity

According to what was define to me, the word mediocre seems to be that this is always more of a negative than average. I got to be outstanding with what I do. I shouldn't settle to be just an average.

Fighting back with mediocrity means fighting the very idea of me being an average or being a person who can just do this and that. I know I can do more and I believe I can do so whenever I only have the heart to do it. I know for myself that I have been doing a great job but with the expectations of my colleagues makes it more challenging.

I do not intend to be in accordance of their free will but it will be my free will that I will get to follow. Most of the times, I am told that I am being paid to do the job but if in my instincts says I shouldn't and wouldn't do it, I don't have the choice but to follow orders.

In my daily learnings, no one is above nor below. It was clear to me that whether I had money or not, it was I who decide not the second party nor the third party.


Jermaine Griggs: What He Has Done

"It doesn't matter where you came from, it doesn't matter what color you are or how old you are, your background...doesn't matter of anything. The internet lies on to whoever get in to it....thank God from being born in this era, for having an easy way to money money online."
That's what he said when I first seen his video on Youtube.com.

Yep! I like these kind of people. The never-give-up people.

I was hooked to "Rich Dad Poor Dad" of Robert Kayosaki and any books of John Maxwell, and now I'd probably listen to this guy name Jermaine Griggs.

What is common with these guys is that they've decided to change from the very beginning and they were patient for the results to come and now they've achieved what they wanted and started to share what they've learn.

Jermaine Griggs started with a debit card. He never think of what could have happened after he purchase that domain. He really has done the amazing part of being an entrepreneur, the belief in oneself to do the impossible thing and he succeeded. Turning $70 to a million dollars, well that's how big and still growing.

In the video that I have seen at Squidoo, he seems to be very determined with what he is doing. When I went to college, it was taught that when you do business you should have thought about what business first, then make a plan, then do some research about how to do and go around that business, then start doing it. With the situation of Mr. Griggs, the first thing he did was make a decision that he has to earn and wouldn't want to live like the way he used to live. If he wasn't able to see his situation before he started, that if he would have stayed he would have suffered more. I say, as an entrepreneur, before you ever get to start something you have to think of why you would want to do business? Is it because of money, or you would want to it more because of personal reasons like improving your life?

For my personal opinion, Jermaine Griggs deserved to be where he is now. His name is not that known to many Fililipinos but he sure has the guts to do what he wanted to do to survive and carry himself to the next level. For him, it doesn't matter where you do it but how you do it. I think this guy likes to learn new things every time he encounter something that can be of use to him and to his family.

In everyday that we deal with life, we make personal decisions that we think solely affect our future. In everyday decisions, it has little effect on to world that we are in. But with those little effect, when accumulated together, has brought even more challenges and more bigger decisions that will now have a bigger effect on to those who are close to us personally.

With Jermaine Griggs, he has done what he needed to do because he knew already what will happen if he will just make the biggest decision ever, during that time, to be able to improve his status. The second on the priority list would be earning enough to stay alive then make himself hungry for more without leaving his first priority in life which is to change for the better for himself and for his family.

When can I have that kind of moment? Hey! Mr. Griggs, can you tell me how?


We Have Set The Date

My Teddy and I set the month for our big day. I am so excited and I can't wait. I don't know why I waited for so long for this guy.

They say that loving someone is not a thing that needs definition nor explanation. It is an out of the blue kinda thing and you simply don't know what's the reasons.

Within the relationship, I still have those moments where I ask myself why and I would just smile because I can't give an answer. When I ask some friends about it they simply say, because you love him.

After all the sitting, waiting, and wishing he's finally coming and we will be tied up together.

All smiles and so much joy in my heart.


Celebrating My Cousin's Wedding Anniversary with Pancit Canton

We don't have that much money to spend an anniversary. It is not my anniversary nor my auntie's anniversary. It is an anniversary for my cousin Michelle. We just want to celebrate and I think this is the best way we can tell these guys that we love them.

I'm sorry guys but all we can buy is Satemi, partnered with bread and peanut butter.


Grinding my Resources to Make it Through 15 days

It is not easy as my father would tell me about being employed. It sucks big time. Why? It sucks because you do not own your time, and even if you have the idea you can't just do it right away because it needs the approval of someone but the other side of being employed is learning the hardest way of getting things done in any business.

When you will hear how much I get from working, you would say; "Ok na yan." With so many things to do in any office, an employee like me most of the times feel that what we earn is not enough. I guess, it mostly the reason why employed personnel create such unions.

I started my after college career as trying to be a businesswoman. That's what I went to college for, to learn how to make and build business. It was described to me as something easy to do with some accounting and research and you are all set to go. In the real world, it was not supposed to be that way. There are a lot of things you need to consider before getting your feet in that door to the business world.

As an employee, 13 days of working hard would mean payroll. That's money. But to survive for 15 days is another situation where an employee like me has to face. The income derive from 13 days of working, is not enough for the 15 days of survival. I would want to have a second job but my first job makes me so tired at the end of the day and that's the reason why I can't find a full time 4 hour work at night.

When I first get to realize that I am not secured of my work right now, I began to think of getting my own business through small things. Earning a little from it would mean a lot for the future. And still I have to grind my income to make it through a 15 days of survival.

What If? An Ingress to a Nomad's Mind

It is never a mistake to think of something you thought you can be like someone whom you think is worse than you. An ingress to the thoughts of a nomad searching to what can be better a marketing career or something else.

Welcome to my Tuesday's thoughts.

What is currently residing in my mind today are pure thoughts, random thoughts perhaps that has no end. I would want to reach what life has to offer, but with not much strength to conquer, it has left me miles behind my objective. A humble objective of reaching the joy of this life. An objective that somehow makes me hungry for more and in most times wonder why this has no end. Would someone describe what is complete and why there is such a word when no one can ever achieve completeness?

What if to a nomad's life, perfection would be achieved, would there be joy after? Would there be a reason to live when you've reached the end? How do you describe an ending? Is it dying or you're still alive but you just don't move on because you've reached the end?

In my journey to wander around my little circle of life; in my quest to finish it all in a day; in my hopes to get what I want; my life is not a thing to be achieved but to continuously conquer challenges that comes my way thus making sure I can be stronger after. It is not a thing that someone can just tell me what to do but rather it is a thing that I should manage. I direct my life, and I decide for my life.

My "Hot Buttons"; The Sensitive Part of Me

Everyone has it. Everyone might not recognized it but it spoils their day. My "Hot Buttons" are the sensitive part that gets me irritated. You bet! I ain't talking about my other sensitive part, I'm talking about what makes me mad.

Things that makes me mad:
1. Taking my things from its place and not returning it back.
2. Forgetting you owe me something. ( I hate that!)
3. Making my Mondays look like a hell.

I do appreciate it if you can at least give me a valid reason but do not ever ever make up alibis or else it will make me more upset.

When I am upset at someone, I do count backwards. It helps a lot for me especially when I am at work and I don't have a choice, I could not simply go out and leave.

What makes you mad?


Spell the Word G-E-E-K

People say that I am a geek. I don't think I am because I don't even know what Leopard is and Boink and Jayvee Fernandez are so happy they got their new skin for their mac. They are the two people I know who use Mac for life.

Here's another friend, Chattee, who bought a cake for her iShuffle.
And another friend, Dom, talks about his love for Ubuntu.

I think being a geek means you love a thing more than anything else only because it brings some satisfaction to you and you don't care if you are labeled as a geek. It does not entirely mean that you're different. You simply care for it.

Amidst Uncertainty

In this season when sudden change of weather affect my mood, with the twisted tongue to being a person who can articulate in other means just to let out what is on her mind. My way of life does not include being a brat but somehow I am, all my life, I guess. Too much noise that I often choose what is peaceful way of speaking the thoughts that hides behind my eyes.

Varied situations that I would want to ascertain something that would be of value to this vivacity or my journey to the never-ending joy, in terms of my own definition. I do not wish to call it happiness, although it may try to look at it the same way, but joy gives a meaning of forever, when happiness only implies transitory or "just this moment".

Amidst uncertainty of my 10 years ahead of me, I seldom think I can make it to the cruel world but mostly I think of what can be done for today and tomorrow for tomorrow can be in your hands by deciding in line with what happened today. But for the next following week would be unknown for me.

Making it a little bit worthwhile, my mind converse poetically but too much of it would not reach the brainiacs. Uncertainty of this journey would be of insult to others but only an expression of my freedom to shout what I think would be right for me to do. To babble would mean to hurt but most of the times the intention was the other way around, it was just to let out a conception made from the bottom of the cerebrum.

Wish me luck!


All Juiced Up! For the Marketing Department

I am all pumped up to do some action.

In this week's marketing career, I will be trying to be a web designer. My goodness! Yes, I am not trying to make myself look like a fool. I am getting others to do it for me but of course I want to learn how to.

"All juiced up!" This is the slogan that I wanted to tell my team mates. We need to shag our tails and bump our head into each other, do some hola hoops for the ideas to come out.

Annual planning is coming up and your brain needs some baby back ribs from Fwendz Diner to think. Quesidilla too and Chimichanga? I hope I spell that right.

I'm Back!!!!

I am back to the blogosphere!!

After a so-called crying stage of a nomad's life, I am back to usual verge of a wanderer hoping to catch some news on the technology, my very own road trips, and my not so productive marketing career. You bet! I am lucky to be interviewed for a position not meant for a newbie like me but since my name is around town like a bee buzzing from ear to ear of the executives, making noises like "she's hunee". Hahahahahaha....that's all I can say. Watch out for me soon.

The keys to regain back my sanity after a short loss of breath, because of the changing weather, and the waiting for the bear to come out of my cabin. Hmmm...you guess what I mean.

Here goes what's my twisted spaghetti mind has to say:

I have been fighting vampires so that I can earn golds. I have been twittering my mind over a website where others will get to read it and say, "That's a slap on my face. You B!+(H! ". It was indeed a boring days. A wanderer shouldn't be staying in one place or else the wanderer wouldn't get where she is supposed to be at.

Now, I am a werewolf with a vengeance. Who took my golds?

So long people, I got to end this before someone comes in.


Crying Nomad.....Moving On Nomad?

It was definitely not a good week for me. It was a week of accident then missing someone then moving on. I am still not sure with moving on because you can't move one when you don't want to let go.

If in case anyone wonders, I do not have the intention to write a post of what had happened but I would rather write down what I feel. I simply would want to write and read later what I have learned and since I don't love writing it down in a piece of paper, I would like to write it here in my blog.

It wasn't easy. I was not told. Should I be told? I know it is hard to articulate nor express what is in mind and verbalize it in such a word or phrases that it will be said to another. I do have the right to know. You do have the right not tell either. Come to think of it as a way to end someone's hope. I know dreams will shatter and bringing sanity together will be hard again. It will be much harder to be left somewhere, where you have no idea if you ought to give up or not.

If you got courage to utter such insult to another why can't you whisper adieu. Do not just abdicate someone hanging, waiting for an answer.

I celebrate those days. I dread this day that I need to decide.


One Day Travel To Kidapawan

My road trip for this month is going to a city where people will give you fruits for free. Nyahhh...that was what they've told me when I hop in to the red pick up truck. I know that there are no longer free items that would be given to you these days. I thought, well it is a province, why not. Road trip to Kidapawan City.

We left Davao City around 5pm and we got to Kidapawan City around 7pm. The reason why I join these guys (Mitch, Loyd, Jean and Novo) is because I would want to go to Dax's place and would like to get some peppercorns.

The green peppercorns are supposed to be up in the peppercorn vines but Dax has to show it to us. The black ones are the real pepper that we should use when we are cooking. Here is a tip: BEWARE some peppercorns sold at the market are not true peppercorns.

I was not happy seeing the green peppercorns, I would like to see the vines, and the ripe peppercorns that are harvested then dried and then used for cooking food.

We get to eat dinner at Dax's house too. Lucky for us, we were able to eat Durian for free.

Here are more pictures of Kidapawan City at night. Very nice city lights.


Waters of Waniban Island, Mati Davao Oriental

Looking at the endless water of the pacific. Chattee as the model.

Picture Said

Look at the sun hiding. Picture taken at Samal Island.

Mr. Bob Martin, you took great pictures and I like the way you presented it yesterday.


After the 1st Mindanao Bloggers Summit

It was the first blogger summit and I was there. That's history for me. First time blogger, started this year, and I was lucky to be part of the summit.

Learned about Abe who is not good in writing English and he has been into blogging for 7 years. Also learned that Jayvee is in B5 Media and they are looking for bloggers who would want to earn extra. Marc giving tips on how to earn in dollars. Bob Martin is loving Davao. Councilor Peter Laviña's different blogs.

The very thing about blogging that I have learned just recently, after listening to Donald Lim and then Kim, Jayvee, Bob, and the rest of the speakers, is that you got to write with passion. That you were able to write what is in your heart and mind and express that in a way that it will get connection to readers. Primarily, you were the one who get to experience first hand, and write that so that readers will experience the same way and maybe have the same reactions.

I guess, these people earn in blogging because they only not love what they are doing but because they know what to write. So, blogging is writing what you know not just you've heard about it. They've done their own research before they actually blog about it.

I guess that's about it. I still got to learn a lot though.

An Officer Refuses to Help Someone

After attending the 1st Mindanao Bloggers Summit, I saw a Police Officer refusing to help a lady who just needs someone to help her bring the materials she got from the 4th floor to the ground. All she was asking was a few strong arms to carry a wooden box.

Alright, the lady was me. The company I am working with is part of the Mindanao ICT Congress. I was tasked to bring back to the office all the materials that we've brought to the congress. I've asked help from fellow officemates but no one came for the rescue because there were clients in the office that is, well it is business so clients are more important.

I came up to the table where policemen were drinking coffee and reading local newspapers. I've asked, "Can someone help me bring some stuff downstairs?". The first answer was, "Yes mam."

When I was waiting, they came up to me and said, "Mam, pangit kasi tingnan na naka-uniform kami and magbitbit ng gamit ng isang private...public ho kami para lang po sa public...."

I thought .... "WTF! WHAT!"

All I am asking was a help to carry down some things using an elevator then to the taxi. I didn't ask for you to carry it like on your shoulders and use the stairs.

I know they are for the public and I ain't asking in behalf of the company I am working with but for my side who is alone and a lady who has to carry 2 tarpaulins, a standee, a wooden box about knee high, and a big bottle like flower vase.

I am so upset of the reason they gave me that they can't help me because it is ugly to look at someone who is in uniform helping a lady working in a private company.

If you are gentleman enough to help someone who definitely needs help, would you just help her because you got to or you can't because you would look stupid or ugly in some other people's eye?

I respect the fact that they are in uniform and I don't want them to look "di kanais-nais" in front of other people, all I needed was a help to carry my things.

For the rest of the gentlemen or the so-called gentlemen, when you see a lady who needs a little muscle from you guys please don't hesitate to help.


Wanna Know How Good is Your Blog?

I am a Google Analytics fan. When I first tried blogging, I used Analytics to see who's reading my blogs. In Google Analytics you would see Bounce Rate. A Bounce occurs when a website visitor leaves a page or a site without visiting any other pages before a certain session timeout elapses. The lower the bounce rate means that blog has more quality. That's according to my own research and the way I've noticed it in my blog.

In a nutshell bounce rate measures the percentage of people who come to your website and leave "instantly".

It is usually measured in two ways:

  • The percentage of website visitors who see just one page on your site.
  • The percentage of website visitors who stay on the site for a small amount of time (usually five seconds or less).
If you want to know just who are visiting your site/s, you can add the widget of Hit2Map or if you really wanna know if you are good at blogging, sign up with Google Analytics.

I personally want to know what spectators would want to read and which post is getting better bounce.

Happy blogging!


Facebook on Blackberry US Phones...Hmm... Want Like That For My Nokia Phone in the Philippines

Dustin Moskovitz, co-founder of Facebook, announces that RIM launched Facebook for Blackberry smart phones.

Can I have something like that too for my Nokia phone here in the Philippines?

I know Mark Zuckerberg or even Dustin Moskovitz will not read my blog but anyway I do hope it will reach them. That would be so great for Facebook users here in the Philippines. I can fight with vampires 24/7 and feed my pet and poke some of my friends or throw MardiGra. I can update my profile using my phone.

I know it is too soon to ask but guys you've got to, most of the Filipino users are yuppies and they are internet savvy people.

What do you think? Should Facebook deal with Globe or Smart?

Sign up for Facebook H-E-R-E.

Google-Microsoft War Over Facebook: And The Winner is?

A drop of jaw when I first read the article from Infoworld;

Update: Facebook chooses Microsoft over Google

Microsoft will purchase a $240 million minority stake in Facebook as well as become its exclusive third-party ad platform

$240 million for Mark Zuckerberg! From a hacker, to a drop out, to a CEO. So that's why Mark said; "We are both happy."

In the article:

The size of the ownership stake Microsoft will take during Facebook's next round of financing puts Facebook's valuation at a whopping $15 billion. Google had reportedly been courting Facebook as well.

In addition to the ownership piece, Microsoft will also extend its existing agreement to provide banner ads to Facebook in the U.S. With this deal, Microsoft will become Facebook's exclusive third-party ad platform as well as provide Facebook ads internationally.

Facebook was founded in 2004, it currently has about 49 million active users today. Over half of its active members are daily users. Some 59 percent of its users are outside the territory of United States.

Read more of the article H-E-R-E.

Light Bulb Head: Online Ideas

Do you ever had that time when you were too inspired to do something in the future and you keep on thinking about it and you noticed it is 3 am and your eyes are tired but your mind wants to keep on moving?

Last night wasn't terrible at all but I just can't control my mind anymore! My head is like a bulb all light up.

A shout out to Donald Lim of Yehey! Philippines. Dude! You were the only speaker I know that would share to your listeners what you are currently doing at your company.

Learnings from Donald Lim of Yehey Philippines

I listened to Aileen Apollo talking about blogging last May 2007 at the Department of Trade and Industry conference room here in Davao. I know blogging since 2004 but I haven't tried it since we don't have internet connection at home. Aileen made it clear to me that this is free and you can absolutely write anything.

October 24, 2007, my boss told me to attend the session 2 track 3 at cinema 3 of NCCC Mall, I know it is about new media and she wants me to listen to it because the company might venture into it someday. It was Donald Lim of Yehey! Philippines was the speaker. The title of the track is Innovation: New Media for Information Exchange, and it was the most informative. He even presented the whole thing Yehey! Philippines is doing. If you are a businessman attending that session you could say, "Hey! He's giving me an idea."

At the end of his presentation I was inspired to do something for my own, in order for me to earn extra and then give something to the company I am working with so that it can earn extra too.

I am a blogger and I have earned some from my blogging, although I have not reached that $100 quota of Adsense, still I can use that to post advertisements of other companies at a minimum price. And I have to stick to the goal of not making my site for flogs.

I got to do some more research and what kind of platform to use. Should I have to make my own website or should I stick to a blogger platform? Should I use Wordpress or Blogger? Hmmm....

Thanks Donald Lim!


Transcribing for MICT

On the second day of the Mindanao ICT Congress, there were different talks at the different cinemas at NCCC Mall where the congress was held. I was tasked to listen to the session 2 track 3 which is Innovation: New Media for Information Exchange because I was one of those who volunteered to transcribe it later.

At the end of the day, 6:30pm, the recorded voice file was pass on to me for transcription. I found out I am not going to transcribe for the session that I was in to. I am going to transcribe for the session 1 track 3 which is Innovation: Knowledge Innovation. It was Mr. James Velasquez, Country Director of IBM. I was not able to listen to his whole speech so I am having difficulty transcribing. There were a couple of times when he was told to say it louder. It was recorded through a tape recorder and once it gets here at MTC Academy we have to record it again using digital recording. In the second recording, there were already other noises added to the first recording. Once you are listening to it with the earphones you are like listening to someone in the airport.

Oh well, I don't have the choice either. Anyway, I was able to finish 75 lines after 30 minutes. Truth is, that's not a good line count for a transcriptionist.

What does it mean when you say "Thank You"

There is another phrase that we can use to make a difference. That is saying thank you to everyone who have helped you in some way or another.

On my way to the office today, I took a 40 minute jeepney ride so that I can save money for the upcoming Christmas. In my wallet I have Php 50.00 and I only need Php 20 to pay for the ride. I sat at the back, 5 people away from the driver, so my Php 50 would pass to five people first before it will get to the driver. I said, "Bayad manong. Palihug ko." I got the Php 30 change and then I said thank you. All five of them smiled back at me.

Whenever someone say thank you, I believe it can make the day for one person. It brings positive aura or atmosphere that will be with that person for the rest of the day.

It is like saying I love you to someone special. But for someone we don't know we can always say thank you for the effort of helping us, even if it's a tiny effort.

Thank you to all who take time to read my blog.


The 360 Degrees Outlook of Social Media

You would read it anywhere that the best way to make money is online. Yeah it is true, only when you are really good at it.

I've always encourage anyone to do blogging and earn through Google Adsense or Pay Per Post, or anything that is on the net. Yes, you can earn something from it but you got to make yourself good at it by spending more hours on how to write good posts for your blog or else others won't read it. No matter how good your posts are but then again you don't know any tricks on Google Adsense then you won't get a cent from Adsense.

Think about this, you will never be good unless you start it today.

Linux Will Soon Overrule Windows?

This one is for free, the other one you have to pay for it. Only few are users of this desktop application, the other one I think there are a billion of users. This one is Linux the other one is Windows.

Scared to do the switch? I am. Ever since I was introduced to Windows, I fell in love with it. Although I have to admit it was not that friendly (that is in my own opinion). Maybe the reason why I love using Windows is because I've grown to using Windows the entire 8 years of being an addict to computer. Then again, this is what we mostly use in offices, in the university before, and this is what we use when we are at the cafe and even on laptops.

The very first person who introduces me to Linux was Jerry Dunn. But I was able to see Linux Desktop Application when Cayce Marston, my cousin's special person, brought it with him from Canada to Davao. I don't want to browse it because I would like to stick to one application where I am most acquainted to.

Reading other articles of Ubuntu or Linux, it is quiet a surprise that this application was just as easy to use as the Windows Desktop Application. Hmmm......no wonder why computer shops are giving it for free because you can download Linux for free in the internet. Besides, when you buy a computer set you need to buy the Windows installer and it cost pretty much. You might be glued to spending only Php 20,000 but it does not come with the desktop application installer.

I haven't use Linux yet but definitely I will. Maybe when I have time to download it from the net. I wonder how easy would it be to set it up? Hakuna matata! (I hope.)

Leader: An Influencer?

In the 21st century, people are hooked into gaming and internet and even an office worker would spend his or her one hour break just to read blogs on the net, or update his Facebook profile. In the era of the tech-capital times, a coffee shop no longer function as a place where friends meet. A coffee shop is a place for people with laptops or mac books.

How can a leader give such influence when everyone is in front of the computer and would just surf the internet for some good articles on leadership, sales and etc.?

The person whom I can say the most influential person in my life is John Maxwell. Of course my parents are always there to guide me but John Maxwell, even if I don't know him in person, has influenced me through his books. If only I have extra money to buy all his books, I would love to collect his books and wouldn't matter to me if I will read it again and again.

Even if the time would keep on changing, laptops here and everywhere; Google competing with Yahoo or Microsoft; Google biggest earner in the stock market; or the CEO of Facebook is once a hacker; Britney Spears' kids are no longer with her. Irregardless of what is happening, each individual influences those that are watching them, that signed up for their own social networking sites.

They maybe a good or bad leader to someone else, they have influenced and they have been a leader in their own right.


CEO at 17

She's not like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook or Keith Rupert Murdoch of Myspace. She's not done yet with High School. She's 17 and smart and will soon be like Mark and Rupert. She's only 17 and she's the founder of Whateverlife.com. She's Ashley Qualls, and she owns an influential and lucrative website.

In two years she earned a total of $1 million dollars. Monthly income in advertisements around $70,000. Again, she's 17 years old.

I wish I was like her but it's never too late to try. A hobby turned into a business.

What Friendster Founder, Jonathan Abrams' Learned From His Mistakes

Friendster started from a brilliant idea of Jonathan Abrams, founder and CEO of Friendster.com. He was the talk of the town of the year 2003 when Friendster was finally open to the public.

Friendster was offered $30 million by Google but Abrams declined and rather go for the venture route, taking $13 million from Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers and Benchmark Capital--and that, he says, is where his troubles began.

"I had basically made a prototype which worked fine for a couple of million users," he says. "But we needed to really rebuild things if we were going to scale." He says his board and investors "didn't get Friendster and wouldn't focus on something boring like fixing the technology." He was replaced as CEO and watched as a succession of marketing deals failed and a parade of CEOs followed--three in one 12-month period. By fall of 2005, Abrams was gone. "I'm never going to make a ton of money off of Friendster like Mark [Zuckerberg] will probably make from Facebook," he says. "But I've learned a lot." (from www.fastcompany.com)

I do hope Abrams new networking site, Socializr, will get him to the top again.

Facebook Addict?

Boink introduced me Facebook.com. It is a new networking site like Friendster.com and Myspace.com. Friendster is known to Filipinos but not Facebook. I am not an addict to both nor to Myspace. If you define, being hooked to something is the same as the word addict, then I am a Facebook addict.

Wait, I was not clear about what I just said. In my own definitions, I do log in at Facebook.com sometimes but I do not spend more than an hour in the site. But yes, I am hooked to Facebook more than being hooked to Friendster.com or Myspace.com.

Even though the two executives, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Myspace CEO Rupert Murdoch, are fighting over who's the leader, waiting for a billion dollar deal with Google, Microsoft or with Yahoo, what is so much obvious is that everyone right now is into social networking. A networking wherein we all know, will come to an end and these guys does not care of how it is going to end but they care more of what they can earn and then maybe later on improve their individual site.

Now, whether you are a Facebook, Friendster or Myspace user, you got to sign up for all these sites. They are all great sites to meet people, to find your lost friends and keeping in touch with your families abroad.


My Worst Week Ever

Early Monday when you found out that you got fever. I don't want to go to the office but I have to and I got no choice. Tuesday when I feel better and I have to do something or else my backlog will be humongous. Wednesday, my boss is back, and I got the surprisingly sermon. Well, it is my job and I got to take that as a compliment that means she still needs me. Thursday, adventure day. The day I got to find the cafes in different location. Damn! Why is it that they listed their phones and yet it is no longer their number? The businessmen of the 21st century. At the end of the 8 hour working adventure was a banana split at Mercorner of E. Quirino. Friday, the sunny day. I am happy this day because at 5pm I'm gonna eat Choco Parfait at Mercorner again with some people I know. Too much excitement, I've waited for them for 1 hour and 30 minutes but still no Choco Parfait and no Mercorner. So much for the happiness I went home sad and mad. Saturday, last day of work but I'm not done yet with the working adventure of finding different cafes all over Davao. But my dear Dokie Haw reminded me of eating at Fwendz for dinner. Again, even if you know you are tired but to eat with people and have a little fun over dinner would be great. Again, again, again..... No dinner no Fwendz....

Why did this happen to me? Do you ever had worst week wherein all you planned are not happening because one of your so-called officemates couldn't make it because she can't leave someone and her boyfriend tells her to go home? It happened to me. And I was so mad at it, because they could have explained to the other party that this Choco Parfait thing was planned and dinner at Fwendz was planned and you could not just not let happen because someone waited for you to finish your 8 hour work and waited to eat Choco Parfait and dinner at Fwendz.


Guy Kawasaki: Happy Using Twitter

I have been a follower of Guy Kawasaki ever since I've heard his name over some people's blog post. I made a quick reading through his blog and I like his way of blogging. One day he said he's using Twitter now and that he liked it. I've searched his name over Twitter.com and there he is. I followed Mr. Kawasaki over Twitter. I hope he'll be forever happy using Twitter.


The Comfort Zone

Define the phrase "comfort zone". According to LifeHack.Org:

Over time, we all gather a set of constricting habits around us—ones that trap us in a zone of supposed comfort, well below what our potential would allow us to attain. Pretty soon, such habits slip below the level of our consciousness, but they still determine what we think that we can and cannot do—and what we cannot even bring ourselves to try. As long as you let these habits rule you, you’ll be stuck in a rut.

Nobody is born with a manual for itself for the his or her life. Everyone makes creates a so called sanctuary wherein we all experience some comfort. A comfort zone can be your house or your daily habit. They say if you do one habit everyday for 26 days you will be hooked to it.

Even if we are told many times that we have committed a mistake, each one of us must make up our own way for that is life. As a boss we can not tell our subordinate to do this because it will help her. We need to mess up sometimes and it is nothing to be scared about. Things happen if it is bound to happen. A lot of people suffer anxiety at work only because they are scared to leave their comfort zone. A lot of people would be so brave enough only because they've found comfort from someone who they think will defend them or help them in times when waters are high.

You know what's the good thing about being told by the truth, it makes you mad and it opens your eyes that this is the truth. You could no longer bring it back but at least the very consolation that you can give yourself is to give yourself a chance to hear what is true and grow up.


Who is DavaoSale?

I'd like to make a quick shout for friends Hermes, Val and Mark who are the main brain of DavaoSale.com.

I am also inviting fellow Davaoeños to post a comment.

Let us make DavaoSale.com BIG!

Thank You To All Who Visited My Blog!

This is my Google Analytics Map Overlay.

34 Countries viewing my blog.

Filipino Bloggers? No Values?

The older generation of Filipinos find blogging or a blogger, someone that has no Filipino values. I heard it from someone close to me saying it does not makes sense because you are telling the whole world of what kind of person you are. Values is something that really matter to us. Caring matters to me as well as my freedom of speech.

Filipino Bloggers does not write a post when he or she does not have any basis or reference to it. We write what is in our minds because that is our opinion but it does not change who we are. Now going back to blogging as a right or privilege post that I made, which is a comment also to Blogie's post. Blogging is responsible writing, it is a right for anyone who would want to use their freedom of speech right. Blogging is responsible writing, it is a privilege for everyone but the purpose is not to hurt anyone. The freedom and right in blogging does not give license to everyone to just type without careful thinking.

For future bloggers, read other blogs and learn their format before you start typing.

If There is Web 2.0, IBM Make Its Own Info 2.0

Web 2.0 refers to the second generation of web-based communities and hosted services, such as social networking, wikis, and other stuff, which aim to facilitate collaboration and sharing between users. It is like the world wide web is changing not physically but the changes are from the web-developers and the end-users that uses the web.

From the article:

"Info 2.0 is going to bring together a variety of information sources," Picciano said. As part of its Info 2.0 push, IBM on Tuesday introduced a preview of IBM Mashup Starter Kit, for building mashup applications and bearing Info 2.0 characteristics.

"We're putting Web 2.0 to work with Info 2.0," Picciano said.

It doesn't make sense at all. Looks like they both function the same. But when it comes to the terms used, Info 2.0 is better because it says it all. Information is what we get from the world wide web, no offense to those who made the term Web 2.0.

As long as the Info 2.0 will help us all, why not. Maybe it'll be another web revolution.

If you want to read the short article, clich H-E-R-E.


And Then Yahoo Loves Mybloglog Too

I don't know who bought first but I have seen Mybloglog changed. It is now part of the Yahoo family.

There are a lot of things that you can do with the internet and earn while you are doing it. I am sure the maker of these sites did not start that big. It just turned out that they all love to do one thing. Make new websites wherein people will love it, adore that site, recommend that site, and when you got a lot of users SELL it.

There is another thing that I've noticed in between; If Yahoo will buy one, Google will buy another. The heat continue to rise up as to who is the king of the World Wide Web. Who's also trying to beat Ebay? In the local seen, is it DavaoSale? Maybe.

Jaiku Becomes Google's New Aquired Asset

Should I say asset? Would it bring Google additional income?

Either or, Jaiku users does not care. I think Jaiku is the same with Twitter. It is like blogging as well wherein you just post one single line or sentence of what you are doing currently. Like others would call it, micro-blogging.
Jaiku is an activity stream and presence sharing service that works from the Web and mobile phones. Jaiku, Ltd. was founded in February, 2006 by Jyri Engeström and Petteri Koponen from Finland. The service was released on the Web in July 2006. Jaiku is based in Helsinki.
In comparison, Twitter is crowed-favorite, but since Google owns Jaiku then maybe Jaiku will beat Twitter.

Anyway, it shows us that that's another way to earn in the internet. So for those who knows how to make one like these geek guys then do it and then make it big then sell it, you'll be millionaires in the future.

Crying Out Loud

It is a burden. I don't have anybody to share the burden with or at least someone to listen to me whining.

I always see blogging as my way of letting out the feelings that I have kept inside. I am not the one who would want to call on to someone and beg for them to lend me their ears. I would keep it all to myself because even if I would tell it to someone, that person could not help me at all.

It has been the usual situation when it has become bigger it will be passed on to me. I got to make the decision. This is not just the time when I have to face 2-3 big time situations but this time I guess, is the hardest since I don't have the proximity of reach to the 2 situations.

I don't want to quit. I am not a quitter at all. I don't want to just let it be, or see what will happen. Even though I was not the one who made the first move, I should not bother to think about it at all. I got to give it an attention because it is my responsibility.

Just cry it out loud dear. It will be over soon and it will be answered. If it is not answered then prepare yourself for it because in every despair there will always be something good that will come out of it.


Ms. Fabulous!

Juliana, my dear blog friend, left a message saying I shouldn't miss what's on her blog. So I said, Ok I'll check it today. I did check her blog but my dear Teddy Bear was online and I miss him so much so I have to talk to him. He's in California and as much as we wanted to be with each other and talk often as possible, we barely get time to just sit down and tell stories of what had happened for each one of us. I'm sorry Juliana, I saw the post but I haven't read it yet, until now.

I would say you were the Ms. Fabulous and thank you for giving me that award. It was so nice of you to give me the same award.

By the way, I have met Juliana over the internet. We are both Filipino and she's married and she's in New York. I do hope when I get to the US I will get to meet her.

For the Love of Blogging

If you want to earn from blogging you got to put in mind first that you got to love blogging first before you can start earning from blogging. Why? Because you could do a good blog post if it does not come from the heart. Blogging is personal it is not just writing because your main goal is to earn.

I may have earn a little in Google Adsense but I have earned it in just a few months of blogging. I am not a professional blogger but for some people who have linked with my blog is a good sign that some like my blog. And for some who gave comments to some of my post is another good sign that some like my posts.

So the next time, you want to earn in blogging, maybe learn how to blog first and then the earning comes in.

Happy blogging!


Spro Coffee Shop

Saturday night and nothing to do at home. It is the usual weekend when an employed person like me would want to have some fun but not the noisy kind of fun. Personally, I don't like to go to bars or anything with dim lights and you can't see nothing else but guys in their best look because girls are dressed up pretty sexy. Make up and perfume and their little bags with credit card in it and some tissues and make up kit for retouch later at the bathroom.

Who would enjoy such thing when you don't drink beer at all. So, while I am making the menu lay-out for my dear friend, I tried the Ham and Egg Sandwich at Spro. Ham and Egg is so yummy and very much healthy. Vegetables are crunchy and I personally like the tomato. Good job Mike and Len.

I tried the Club Sandwich as well. Wow! One slice for me is ok. I am full. I can't eat more than that. Two slices for Ham and Egg and one slice of Club Sandwich. I need to spell that with capital letters just to give emphasis.

Oh yeah, before I forgot, I've read an article over a local newspaper and it so happened that I have read the same article over the internet. That's plagiarism! Copying from someone else's write up. Daily - - - - - - 's editor should check the work of your journalist, or are you really doing that just to make your paper thick?

Saturday Night

Playing at Spro.

It is not raining but we still choose to hang out at Spro and play Stacko'.


Too Soon to Contemplate

Have you ever had a time in any day that you were in a situation where in you doubt on things and you don't want to think about it because you know you are sure about it yet, if it's true or not?

This morning I woke up 30 minutes late from the usual get-up time. I know there is something bothering me and the past nights I could not sleep due to this one thing. I don't want to think of what to do about it since I am positive I can surpass such financial problem. I told myself that why is that I can't get it out of my subconscious. Should I plan? Should I give it attention? I look at attentively at a 8 pages mail that I received last month, and I give it a 10th round of reading still my decision is still the same with what I've decided before.

con·tem·plate (kŏn'təm-plāt')
  1. To think or think about carefully and at length: chew on (or over), cogitate, consider, deliberate, entertain, excogitate, meditate, mull, muse, ponder, reflect, revolve, ruminate, study, think, think out, think over, think through, turn over, weigh. Idioms: cudgel one's brains, put on one's thinking cap, rack one's brain. See thoughts.
  2. To have in mind as a goal or purpose: aim, design, intend, mean, plan, project, propose, purpose, target. Regional mind. See planned/unplanned, purpose/purposelessness.
I thought it is too soon to think about it but I guess I have to because I am thinking this is my instincts telling me go on think about it seriously.

My post today is personal and it has nothing to do with someone else.


Can You Really Earn from Blogging?

Like I always said, I am new to blogging. Here are things that I have learn from the few months of trying to earn extra money.

The reason why I wanted to continue blogging is that I can write possibly anything. I do restrict myself to blog only those that I think would be helpful. Through blogging, I have earned a little. Here's a tip. Normally a typical Filipino would love to earn big over night. That's is what I call Super Lotto Big Winner. In blogging, you have to write in the most honest way as possible. You could not just copy and paste someone else's blog on your blog. It is a no-no according to my friend Boink. In blogging, you have to write with emotions. No matter how attractive your Title Posts are, still nobody would like to read it. Again, you have to take a look at where you are and what you do so that it can have a connection to the blog that you are trying to make.

Let me give an example to that. I am a marketing assistant and every time I write a post for my blog I have to make it in line with what I am good at and that's how to market. I am proud to be a Filipino so I write things which can be helpful to Filipinos. I could not write about Singaporeans or other Asians nor Americans. Also, I have to consider that blogging in the Philippines is not that popular as to blogging in the United States of America. Although there are a lot of Filipino internet users but still not all have heard of blogging or at least understand blogging.

Can you really earn from blogging? Yes, you can earn from blogging. You just got to get it started and start with sense and emotions. I have earned that little because I am starting and I am positive I can earn more if I do continue to blog and not to expect to earn that big soon. Blogging is an art. For me, it is an abstract that needs a careful thinking.

I Signed Up for PPP!

I work for a business process outsource company and as part of the marketing team, I am tasked to establish the company's web presence. I gladly took this on since it allowed me to do one of the things I enjoy doing: blogging. I've subscribed to various blogs and I came upon topics on how to earn from blogging. These blogs keeps recommending one site: PayPerPost . I decided to give PayPerPost a try.

The first thing that impressed me with PayPerPost is the clean interface that's very easy to navigate. Registration was hassle-free and within a few minutes I was good to go. PayPerPost has made it very easy to find the opportunities that's best suited for me.

What I like about PPP is that I was able to meet some Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) and it is nice to know that they are online, making blogs and at the same time earning extra. In my previous posts I have mentioned that my Mother used to be an OFW and she died in Taiwan. It was so hard to communicate with her and Mom would always find a way to earn extra. If only PPP is available when my Mom is still alive, she could be like my good friend Reyna Elena who is blogging and earning at the same time.

I love blogging and PayPerPost has given me the chance to take a crack at earning while blogging. I already have referred some of my friends to use PayPerPost as a means to monetize their own blogs.

I signed up for PPP hoping to reach out for more Filipinos abroad. I am also wishing that I earn extra like them. Who wouldn't want money anyway? For those who wouldn’t like to earn extra money, then why are you reading this post?

If I get lucky I would probably be an advertiser and not just a blogger with PayPerPost.

Sign up now!payperpost


Make Money in Blogging

I know that you can write anything in your blog. You can write some personal stuff, some travel pictures with some notes on it, write about food, write about how corrupt someone is, write about anything under the sun.

This is my first blog and I do not know exactly if I am making the right one where in I can attract others to read my posts. I do not follow formats as like others would recommend; "Talk about one topic." I can' talk about one topic. I know I can make another blog of another topic but I would prefer my first blog to have all what I wanted to write.

Making money through blogging is not an ordinary thing today. A lot of people have tried and some were lucky to earn through Adsense, PayPerPost, Adverlets and other services available. Whether you are required to do a blog of a product or you simply write what is on your mind.

I do not intend to simply ask you to copy and paste some post on the internet. Although you can give comments on to someone else's blog. Instead of writing a short comment why not make it a post.

Like I always tell myself, "No Pain No Gain". Happy blogging everyone.

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