Lessons 102

I don't know why new friends, former classmates, old friends and etc would come to ask me the same questions again and again. Why do you need to work so hard? And how do you manage to be on the clock 16-18hours daily?

I've always been dreaming of running my own company ever since. I told myself once, maybe this is what I always wanted to do in the future or maybe this is where my skills and my approach to life leads me to be doing for forever.

There were a lot of sacrifices and the other wonderful part of doing it is being able to help myself achieve and get things I've always wanted, and give what my family needs.

I don't earn that much but slowly I'm getting there and I know that. I have great confidence in what I do and I take pride in what I do.

With all my hardships, I've been through ups and downs and I've cried, I've lost, I've invested again and then again I've lost but it doesn't make me decide to quit. I've did what I thought is right. I don't know if I have stepped on someone. There is one thing I'm sure of not getting is finding myself a man and settling down.

I don't regret it but it made me think especially when I'm alone. I also didn't get to be that outgoing with a lot of people. But I do spend a lot of time online.

I can't have both worlds that could and would make me happy. I can't have everything I always wanted. In the first place, I know I can't be forever happy but somehow I still find happiness although not the everlasting type.

I don't know if I've been a good daughter or a good sister. All I know is I am being me and I worked hard to get to where I am.


I am Princess

When I first attended school, everyone call me by my name Princess which I don't like because everyone think I have a lot of money. Maybe because we were young back then and so innocent that we thought we are named according to what we have in life.

Then comes high school. Memories, my friends, all girls school, giggles, shouting and many more. And I still hate being called by my first name, Princess.

Life at Ateneo was so much fun. No one will call me Princess, they call me Hunee. It was spelled as "Honey" but because I have classmates who are guys so I am often confronted by their girlfriends, which is funny and I will never forget those moments, so I changed the spelling to Hunee.

I'm tracking my high school classmates on Facebook and at first they don't know I am Hunee now. So what I did was track down my close friends first. I was able to add the best teacher, Mrs. Adriano. She likes calling me Princess.

I used to think life back then was hard. I didn't get to give myself a chance to even see how beautiful it is and the memories. I love it!



I can't think of any title for this post. I couldn't believe I've been quiet for so long. I haven't wrote anything in the past months. Gosh! I miss this.

Like I always said, blogging is one way of expressing myself, what I feel, what I think about this and that. I am so not into social web past months. I have been very busy plus there were trips outside the country.

The first trip was for fun. Trip was all about spending time with friends. Friends back at the university. Everyone else was busy with these and that and getting out of the country was one way to get me and friends really spend hours talking, walking, eating together and etc...

Then I decided to quit on my job. I got this new job and moved out of Davao, went to Manila, now in Sucat, Paranaque doing medical billing. Like I always expected. Getting yourself into something new is never easy. This was my thought when I first got this job offer in February. I know that I am used to things within MTC and now if I will accept the offer, I will definitely have to start from the beginning.

Life goes on. Life is never easy. I'm happy though. Keep smiling.


My First Macau Experience

It is always fun to be in a new place and the best thing to do to check the new place out is go out and walk your way around, that if you are going to be in a small city.

Getting myself to visit Macau is not easy. Getting my ticket, passport and all other stuff plus I am working so I can't think straight of what else I need to be able to get to Macau.

When we were about to touch down, pilot said that it's going to be 19 degrees celcius when we get to Macau. I don't think it's 19, I think it is less than 19. I said, 'Fuck! It's cold.' Seriously, it is cold. I am not used to cold. I need more socks, a human body to keep me warm. Lucky me I have a human body hehe... Nahhh.... don't ask me for details.

The next day was fun. We were in Taipa and a bus can take us to Macau. There are different bus stops and you need to learn some Portugese because it is not easy to learn Chinese so learning Portugese is better. Everything is in Chinese and Portugese. This small island was once ruled by Portugese. There are a lot of structures that are almost the same structures found in the Philippines. Everything is high rise. You can't see a single house in here or I wasn't able to see one maybe I need to walk more.

When you are in Taipa, you can see China already. Macau and China is like a creek away from each other. You'd know that because you'd see China's Flag on the other side of the creek. I haven't been to casinos yet nor I planned to go there but someone told me that there are stores inside and you can just do shopping and you don't have to play. Would love to try bungee jumping but I think my knees got week. I think I'll pass on that.

I'll write more in few days.


Wandering too Much at Work

It had been weeks since the last post. I've been busy. I don't know why but work is like looking for me. There was too much work to do and then there's more coming in and I don't want to send it away because I know I can find someone to do it for me. Like delegate it to someone who is capable to do the job.

I like the idea that despite recession in the US, I was able to receive from time to time transcription work. And although I don't get that much the point is when you convert that to peso it is much better than getting minimum wage. Still I don't do the job so I don't get anything from it. Just the increase in profile ranking.

I'm back tho. :D weeee!!!!!


Invading Privacy..?

Last night was boring. I surfed the internet just to find some entertaining stuff for my sleepy eyes. I have to make sure that sleeping is not an option during 10pm because I have work to do. Relaxing a little bit and slowly typing down someone's name on Google.

He's not that good looking but he has something. I don't know why but he's a total package. Although for some girls like me, daydreaming and pictures and news about him on the internet is more than enough, especially for females like me who couldn't get a chance of flirting with him.

I am not sure if that article is true or whatever. I just want to say something about privacy.

Wikipedia describes privacy as is the ability of an individual or group to seclude themselves or information about themselves and thereby reveal themselves selectively. It is something that you choose to be not known to public. Private may mean it is just between friends, or family, or your girlfriend, and etcetera. Privacy may be of different level especially when we would base it to our profession, popularity, or oneself's proclamation to make her or his whole life be videotaped and let the whole world to see.

I'd like to write about it on the basis of my own choice. I started blogging about my thoughts 2 years ago. It was my decision to write on things that others may not appreciate or give a damn about it. I just write because I wanted to. I felt I needed to write. I personally welcome/d others to judge me on the basis of what I have written in my blog. That if they don't like it they can leave, or leave something behind like a comment. I do not hold one person's thoughts, but when I decide to blog I never thought others can give me bad or negative comment. And with administrative power to not include negative comments from readers, I can decide not to make it public because I know that when that negative comment is published it can create a chain of reaction to some of my friends who would really defend me for they know me. What I mean is, my blog is entirely not patterned to other blogs who merely writes to encourage readers to leave a comment. Like I said, I just felt the need to write. And that need made me want to publish it publicly.

That is me being selective on what I wanted to show readers. But the article that I have read last night was about someone who's a star by his own right because fans/followers put him up there. Everyone is aware that when you decide to be in the movies, you've got to be prepared that your every moved is being followed because those tiny bits and pieces of where you go and who's with you is huge chunk of money for the media. Fans/followers will pay that much just to have that feel that you as the actor and your fan is close like friends (although fans don't care that much that you don't know them personally).

I look at the situation in two ways. My life is nothing compared to this actor's popularity. There's one thing common though. I decided on how my life should be, and so is this actor who decided to accept this role and both of us didn't know what the future has for us. Unlucky for me because I don't earn that much with writing and it is not my craft, and lucky him because with his role he became that popular in months and driving a new car, new apartment and lots of offers.

That decision brought us to common ground that everything starts with simpliest way of saying, "Okay I will do this." So no matter where you are at, and what you've achieved, every decision gave his fans or my readers the chance to talk about his life to others and share it, or in my case the chance for others to comment badly about me.

I think, there is no such thing as privacy. Sooner or later it will come out and you don't have the administrative power to stop it. You can do something to counterreact but it's no use because it is out there in the public for scrutiny. I prefer to call it judgement. Sounds funny but it is true.

As a fan to this actor, if I like him so much the only thing I can do is give him respect. When he want it public then he will say it. When he didn't say anything then, he want to keep it for himself.


Working Holidays

I miss this part of me. I miss writing relentlessly not minding my grammar and I just want to blurt it out like I used to. I do not care if you get to understand everything or you don't.

I thought I was lucky to get this deal. Change that, I am happy to get that deal but not to the extent that I am gonna be working for the holidays. Or should I consider that it is part of that deal? So alright, I was just not ready to change my sleeping habits to something like a vampire or creature of the night.

I got myself into this so I would to stay and endure it. Even if I was told put my hands off the project, I can not turn my back on it. I need this done and I will be part of it even if I don't do it 100% because some people placed their trust on my leadership.

Great! Life sucks and who wouldn't know it doesn't. Surprises and surprises...and I am pretty sure there's more to come.

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