Jermaine Griggs: What He Has Done

"It doesn't matter where you came from, it doesn't matter what color you are or how old you are, your background...doesn't matter of anything. The internet lies on to whoever get in to it....thank God from being born in this era, for having an easy way to money money online."
That's what he said when I first seen his video on Youtube.com.

Yep! I like these kind of people. The never-give-up people.

I was hooked to "Rich Dad Poor Dad" of Robert Kayosaki and any books of John Maxwell, and now I'd probably listen to this guy name Jermaine Griggs.

What is common with these guys is that they've decided to change from the very beginning and they were patient for the results to come and now they've achieved what they wanted and started to share what they've learn.

Jermaine Griggs started with a debit card. He never think of what could have happened after he purchase that domain. He really has done the amazing part of being an entrepreneur, the belief in oneself to do the impossible thing and he succeeded. Turning $70 to a million dollars, well that's how big and still growing.

In the video that I have seen at Squidoo, he seems to be very determined with what he is doing. When I went to college, it was taught that when you do business you should have thought about what business first, then make a plan, then do some research about how to do and go around that business, then start doing it. With the situation of Mr. Griggs, the first thing he did was make a decision that he has to earn and wouldn't want to live like the way he used to live. If he wasn't able to see his situation before he started, that if he would have stayed he would have suffered more. I say, as an entrepreneur, before you ever get to start something you have to think of why you would want to do business? Is it because of money, or you would want to it more because of personal reasons like improving your life?

For my personal opinion, Jermaine Griggs deserved to be where he is now. His name is not that known to many Fililipinos but he sure has the guts to do what he wanted to do to survive and carry himself to the next level. For him, it doesn't matter where you do it but how you do it. I think this guy likes to learn new things every time he encounter something that can be of use to him and to his family.

In everyday that we deal with life, we make personal decisions that we think solely affect our future. In everyday decisions, it has little effect on to world that we are in. But with those little effect, when accumulated together, has brought even more challenges and more bigger decisions that will now have a bigger effect on to those who are close to us personally.

With Jermaine Griggs, he has done what he needed to do because he knew already what will happen if he will just make the biggest decision ever, during that time, to be able to improve his status. The second on the priority list would be earning enough to stay alive then make himself hungry for more without leaving his first priority in life which is to change for the better for himself and for his family.

When can I have that kind of moment? Hey! Mr. Griggs, can you tell me how?


We Have Set The Date

My Teddy and I set the month for our big day. I am so excited and I can't wait. I don't know why I waited for so long for this guy.

They say that loving someone is not a thing that needs definition nor explanation. It is an out of the blue kinda thing and you simply don't know what's the reasons.

Within the relationship, I still have those moments where I ask myself why and I would just smile because I can't give an answer. When I ask some friends about it they simply say, because you love him.

After all the sitting, waiting, and wishing he's finally coming and we will be tied up together.

All smiles and so much joy in my heart.


Celebrating My Cousin's Wedding Anniversary with Pancit Canton

We don't have that much money to spend an anniversary. It is not my anniversary nor my auntie's anniversary. It is an anniversary for my cousin Michelle. We just want to celebrate and I think this is the best way we can tell these guys that we love them.

I'm sorry guys but all we can buy is Satemi, partnered with bread and peanut butter.


Grinding my Resources to Make it Through 15 days

It is not easy as my father would tell me about being employed. It sucks big time. Why? It sucks because you do not own your time, and even if you have the idea you can't just do it right away because it needs the approval of someone but the other side of being employed is learning the hardest way of getting things done in any business.

When you will hear how much I get from working, you would say; "Ok na yan." With so many things to do in any office, an employee like me most of the times feel that what we earn is not enough. I guess, it mostly the reason why employed personnel create such unions.

I started my after college career as trying to be a businesswoman. That's what I went to college for, to learn how to make and build business. It was described to me as something easy to do with some accounting and research and you are all set to go. In the real world, it was not supposed to be that way. There are a lot of things you need to consider before getting your feet in that door to the business world.

As an employee, 13 days of working hard would mean payroll. That's money. But to survive for 15 days is another situation where an employee like me has to face. The income derive from 13 days of working, is not enough for the 15 days of survival. I would want to have a second job but my first job makes me so tired at the end of the day and that's the reason why I can't find a full time 4 hour work at night.

When I first get to realize that I am not secured of my work right now, I began to think of getting my own business through small things. Earning a little from it would mean a lot for the future. And still I have to grind my income to make it through a 15 days of survival.

What If? An Ingress to a Nomad's Mind

It is never a mistake to think of something you thought you can be like someone whom you think is worse than you. An ingress to the thoughts of a nomad searching to what can be better a marketing career or something else.

Welcome to my Tuesday's thoughts.

What is currently residing in my mind today are pure thoughts, random thoughts perhaps that has no end. I would want to reach what life has to offer, but with not much strength to conquer, it has left me miles behind my objective. A humble objective of reaching the joy of this life. An objective that somehow makes me hungry for more and in most times wonder why this has no end. Would someone describe what is complete and why there is such a word when no one can ever achieve completeness?

What if to a nomad's life, perfection would be achieved, would there be joy after? Would there be a reason to live when you've reached the end? How do you describe an ending? Is it dying or you're still alive but you just don't move on because you've reached the end?

In my journey to wander around my little circle of life; in my quest to finish it all in a day; in my hopes to get what I want; my life is not a thing to be achieved but to continuously conquer challenges that comes my way thus making sure I can be stronger after. It is not a thing that someone can just tell me what to do but rather it is a thing that I should manage. I direct my life, and I decide for my life.

My "Hot Buttons"; The Sensitive Part of Me

Everyone has it. Everyone might not recognized it but it spoils their day. My "Hot Buttons" are the sensitive part that gets me irritated. You bet! I ain't talking about my other sensitive part, I'm talking about what makes me mad.

Things that makes me mad:
1. Taking my things from its place and not returning it back.
2. Forgetting you owe me something. ( I hate that!)
3. Making my Mondays look like a hell.

I do appreciate it if you can at least give me a valid reason but do not ever ever make up alibis or else it will make me more upset.

When I am upset at someone, I do count backwards. It helps a lot for me especially when I am at work and I don't have a choice, I could not simply go out and leave.

What makes you mad?


Spell the Word G-E-E-K

People say that I am a geek. I don't think I am because I don't even know what Leopard is and Boink and Jayvee Fernandez are so happy they got their new skin for their mac. They are the two people I know who use Mac for life.

Here's another friend, Chattee, who bought a cake for her iShuffle.
And another friend, Dom, talks about his love for Ubuntu.

I think being a geek means you love a thing more than anything else only because it brings some satisfaction to you and you don't care if you are labeled as a geek. It does not entirely mean that you're different. You simply care for it.

Amidst Uncertainty

In this season when sudden change of weather affect my mood, with the twisted tongue to being a person who can articulate in other means just to let out what is on her mind. My way of life does not include being a brat but somehow I am, all my life, I guess. Too much noise that I often choose what is peaceful way of speaking the thoughts that hides behind my eyes.

Varied situations that I would want to ascertain something that would be of value to this vivacity or my journey to the never-ending joy, in terms of my own definition. I do not wish to call it happiness, although it may try to look at it the same way, but joy gives a meaning of forever, when happiness only implies transitory or "just this moment".

Amidst uncertainty of my 10 years ahead of me, I seldom think I can make it to the cruel world but mostly I think of what can be done for today and tomorrow for tomorrow can be in your hands by deciding in line with what happened today. But for the next following week would be unknown for me.

Making it a little bit worthwhile, my mind converse poetically but too much of it would not reach the brainiacs. Uncertainty of this journey would be of insult to others but only an expression of my freedom to shout what I think would be right for me to do. To babble would mean to hurt but most of the times the intention was the other way around, it was just to let out a conception made from the bottom of the cerebrum.

Wish me luck!


All Juiced Up! For the Marketing Department

I am all pumped up to do some action.

In this week's marketing career, I will be trying to be a web designer. My goodness! Yes, I am not trying to make myself look like a fool. I am getting others to do it for me but of course I want to learn how to.

"All juiced up!" This is the slogan that I wanted to tell my team mates. We need to shag our tails and bump our head into each other, do some hola hoops for the ideas to come out.

Annual planning is coming up and your brain needs some baby back ribs from Fwendz Diner to think. Quesidilla too and Chimichanga? I hope I spell that right.

I'm Back!!!!

I am back to the blogosphere!!

After a so-called crying stage of a nomad's life, I am back to usual verge of a wanderer hoping to catch some news on the technology, my very own road trips, and my not so productive marketing career. You bet! I am lucky to be interviewed for a position not meant for a newbie like me but since my name is around town like a bee buzzing from ear to ear of the executives, making noises like "she's hunee". Hahahahahaha....that's all I can say. Watch out for me soon.

The keys to regain back my sanity after a short loss of breath, because of the changing weather, and the waiting for the bear to come out of my cabin. Hmmm...you guess what I mean.

Here goes what's my twisted spaghetti mind has to say:

I have been fighting vampires so that I can earn golds. I have been twittering my mind over a website where others will get to read it and say, "That's a slap on my face. You B!+(H! ". It was indeed a boring days. A wanderer shouldn't be staying in one place or else the wanderer wouldn't get where she is supposed to be at.

Now, I am a werewolf with a vengeance. Who took my golds?

So long people, I got to end this before someone comes in.


Crying Nomad.....Moving On Nomad?

It was definitely not a good week for me. It was a week of accident then missing someone then moving on. I am still not sure with moving on because you can't move one when you don't want to let go.

If in case anyone wonders, I do not have the intention to write a post of what had happened but I would rather write down what I feel. I simply would want to write and read later what I have learned and since I don't love writing it down in a piece of paper, I would like to write it here in my blog.

It wasn't easy. I was not told. Should I be told? I know it is hard to articulate nor express what is in mind and verbalize it in such a word or phrases that it will be said to another. I do have the right to know. You do have the right not tell either. Come to think of it as a way to end someone's hope. I know dreams will shatter and bringing sanity together will be hard again. It will be much harder to be left somewhere, where you have no idea if you ought to give up or not.

If you got courage to utter such insult to another why can't you whisper adieu. Do not just abdicate someone hanging, waiting for an answer.

I celebrate those days. I dread this day that I need to decide.

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