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[7/22/2008 5:29:44 PM] JD (CSR/TSR) says: i need to go back to school and learn to spell
[7/22/2008 5:51:16 PM] H says: why?
[7/22/2008 5:51:46 PM] JD (CSR/TSR) says: so i can spell
[7/22/2008 5:53:52 PM] H says: what for?
[7/22/2008 5:54:28 PM] JD (CSR/TSR) says: so when i want to type something i can spell it
[7/22/2008 5:55:09 PM] H says: ok
[7/22/2008 5:55:37 PM] JD (CSR/TSR) says: there alot of words i can't spell
[7/22/2008 5:55:59 PM] H says: i really don't understand why you need that kind of ability
[7/22/2008 5:56:26 PM] JD (CSR/TSR) says: we do a lot of email here at work
[7/22/2008 5:59:00 PM] H says: so you want to put spell on your emails
[7/22/2008 5:59:04 PM] H says: i see...
[7/22/2008 5:59:18 PM] H says: when you do know how to create a spell don't ever email me LOL
[7/22/2008 5:59:55 PM] JD (CSR/TSR) says: you like it when i mess up
[7/22/2008 6:00:38 PM] H says: ha??
[7/22/2008 6:00:44 PM] H says: did you?
[7/22/2008 6:00:59 PM] JD (CSR/TSR) says: i do all the time
[7/22/2008 6:01:50 PM] H says: you didn't... you just acted on something quick in which you didn't use your head
[7/22/2008 6:02:09 PM] H says: so turned out to be a mistake later...
[7/22/2008 6:02:31 PM] JD (CSR/TSR) says: thats happens alot to
[7/22/2008 6:03:44 PM] H says: every human do that..
[7/22/2008 6:03:59 PM] H says: water for me first... can't reach the glasses
[7/22/2008 6:04:28 PM] JD (CSR/TSR) says: ok
[7/22/2008 6:18:58 PM] H says: broke 5 glasses today and they all come rushing
[7/22/2008 6:19:40 PM] JD (CSR/TSR) says: that means they care about there glasses lol
[7/22/2008 6:21:46 PM] H says: yeah... they do
[7/22/2008 6:22:00 PM] JD (CSR/TSR) says: i was joking
[7/22/2008 6:24:35 PM] H says: ok
[7/22/2008 6:24:51 PM] H says: i like breaking things
[7/22/2008 6:24:57 PM] JD (CSR/TSR) says: i see you got a nice pic of your self today
[7/22/2008 6:25:03 PM] H says: im taking that out
[7/22/2008 6:25:09 PM] JD (CSR/TSR) says: why
[7/22/2008 6:25:18 PM] H says: just shy
[7/22/2008 6:25:19 PM] JD (CSR/TSR) says: don't be a brat
[7/22/2008 6:27:13 PM] H says: thanks for calling me a brat...im proud to be one
[7/22/2008 6:31:50 PM] JD (CSR/TSR) says: in that case im glad to have called you one lol

This is an example of a conversation wherein in a computer mediated conversation the other party thought that "learn how to spell" means like magic spells, and the other party really meant learn how to spell a word.

Makes everyone human and nothing in this world is perfect.

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