I Miss You... I do

If I were to base everything from what this feeling tells me and not of what you've done to me, I would probably say I miss you and I do love you. I don't blame the whole thing to you if that's what you are trying to ask me ever since we started talking again. I know I've done something as well that somehow created the spark to bid each other goodbyes, so it's absurd to ever think it was all your fault.

Since that we are constantly talking to each other again, although we basically started online and we end it all up online too, seeing you again in person would be harmless but somehow I wouldn't deny the eagerness to hug you. No doubt, there are some other things running through my head like we were supposed to get married this year, and we are both aware that the relationship has risen up to another level. A mature people agreed in actions and in words that this is gonna be it, talking relentlessly and without limits whatever this mind and mouth can think and say about. You know what I mean when I say this, but again if I go back to reality, seeing you again would somehow bring me back to those talks of sweetness and passion. I do not guarantee I would keep my distance away from you for I've yearned for your embrace as well but we both know that before the embrace would happen, we've both decided to end the line or cut the thread of what we call love.

Those lovely thoughts and feelings are all gonna be lined up in the memory lane and with the plans to get old together are somehow glimpse that in life, we will be in someone else's arms. If tide would be change and global warming would decrease, these hurting hearts and burning emotions of anger would subside and maybe, and maybe we might go back to each others arms.

For know, I couldn't answer that. I don't know if I am ready or I don't know if the love will cover all the hurt I have felt when you left and when you've kept things from me. In which, I totally believe as a lie.

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