How I Say Goodbye to Yesterday

It is most common for people to say what they want to say and sometimes we either talk a lot or we just say things because we believe that it should be said. Also common to be in a situation where the two of you would start from simple conversation and then go into a what I would describe as a fight. It maybe because of you don't believe on the same things, or it can be of principles. It can be of any reason.

I had the most interesting week so far. Not that I got into fight with someone but I somehow witnessed a conversation that has turned into, I think is worse, harrasment as describe by one of the party.

You learn from conversation even if you are just the listener and someone else is talking which I think is the short term goal. The long term goal for me in that situation is catching how each one reacts to each words/ sentences spoken. A conversation can end up smoothly or the other. I try to be very conscious with my uttered words for I personally don't know the person I am talking to. She or he is not my relative or my long time friend. I am somehow trapped sometimes in a conversation especially when the other is making me feel weak or he/she is stepping on my dignity or belief as a person. I just can't let him or her do that. It's human nature to react and thus it is human nature to accept that somehow the other reacted to your statement means he/she got hurt. And so I believe is less harming mistake and again human nature to be not perfect for no one is born to be perfect.

I believe I grow by living everyday and forgeting what was yesterday. Who I am today is because of what I have decided to be yesterday. My past is part of me and my past is no longer part of my present. It is as simple as that. I don't think I have to won in a conversation neither the other has to lose but what is important is you are able to wake up the next day and start a new beginning and start a new conversation with the same person without bring the past up again and especially without dragging other people with you.

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informaxona said...

tomorrow will offer a lot of good things to u...dnt wory..

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