I've Lost that Touch

As much as I hate to admit this but I have lost that touch of writing daily. There are a lot of reasons. Writing them down here would probably make me write a book as well of my so called balck and white life.

Life is supposed to be a journey. It is not a destination and it is not something to achieved at the end of it. In life, there can be sorrow there can be happiness. Why do I say this because I see life as a success. It is one thing that only you is driving and leading and in every little decisions that you've made a little of it will affect the lives of the common but with great affect to the people close to you or are part somehow of that big decision.

In everyday I try to disregard sorrow and try not to bring it with me for every sorrow is twice as heavy as happiness and mostly you can find it along the way. Unlike happiness, either I have to worked hard for it so that it will turn some event great and memorable and I can say made me smile and others who are on that event smile as well.

One thing why I write before is that it is my only way to communicate. Along the process, I've bumped into the idea that I might earn something from it. It's a long shot kind of earning so I still tried. On that writing was a full part of my life, my love, my family, my friends, my work and so on. And because I write things from the heart so I somehow manage people to like and comment on my posts.

I love reading again and again whatever I've posted. I love the feeling that I was able to say it and nonetheless I may have insulted someone or have hurt someone, I still get the feeling like, "Oh, Yes! I've said it." With series of not so good things happened I somehow detracted and when I read it back again, I told myself, "this is not how I write before."

I do not regret losing that touch though. I know there would be something more or something else in exchange of losing my old style of writing. My hours have to divided to number of tasks to be done in a day not including the little misunderstanding stuffs that I am into right now. I can definitely say I am beginning to be someone else better, bigger, and brighter.

I may have lost one thing but it will not stop me to go on and be someone again even if I would have to start from the beginning.

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