I have tried my best not to get connection with you. I do not want to ever communicate with you because you just made my life like a hell. I regret the day that I have met you. Do not ever assume that I am trying to hurt your family because I am not raised that way. If I am that kind of person then I could have done it a long time ago.

It is so sad that after all the loyalty and honesty that I gave you for 3 long years, you still do not know me at all. I do not want to think things nor assume but I have been pretty dumb all those 3 years because I did not know I was just for play time. I was just for fun. You led me to believe that this is you. That this is how you look.

I can not deny I have learned something from all of these. I do not want to let that learnings go. I do not want to be ever talking to you ever again. I had enough. I deserve better. Better than the lies that you gave.

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