Wandering too Much at Work

Posted by Hunee | 2/26/2009 09:10:00 AM | , | 0 comments »

It had been weeks since the last post. I've been busy. I don't know why but work is like looking for me. There was too much work to do and then there's more coming in and I don't want to send it away because I know I can find someone to do it for me. Like delegate it to someone who is capable to do the job.

I like the idea that despite recession in the US, I was able to receive from time to time transcription work. And although I don't get that much the point is when you convert that to peso it is much better than getting minimum wage. Still I don't do the job so I don't get anything from it. Just the increase in profile ranking.

I'm back tho. :D weeee!!!!!