My First Macau Experience

It is always fun to be in a new place and the best thing to do to check the new place out is go out and walk your way around, that if you are going to be in a small city.

Getting myself to visit Macau is not easy. Getting my ticket, passport and all other stuff plus I am working so I can't think straight of what else I need to be able to get to Macau.

When we were about to touch down, pilot said that it's going to be 19 degrees celcius when we get to Macau. I don't think it's 19, I think it is less than 19. I said, 'Fuck! It's cold.' Seriously, it is cold. I am not used to cold. I need more socks, a human body to keep me warm. Lucky me I have a human body hehe... Nahhh.... don't ask me for details.

The next day was fun. We were in Taipa and a bus can take us to Macau. There are different bus stops and you need to learn some Portugese because it is not easy to learn Chinese so learning Portugese is better. Everything is in Chinese and Portugese. This small island was once ruled by Portugese. There are a lot of structures that are almost the same structures found in the Philippines. Everything is high rise. You can't see a single house in here or I wasn't able to see one maybe I need to walk more.

When you are in Taipa, you can see China already. Macau and China is like a creek away from each other. You'd know that because you'd see China's Flag on the other side of the creek. I haven't been to casinos yet nor I planned to go there but someone told me that there are stores inside and you can just do shopping and you don't have to play. Would love to try bungee jumping but I think my knees got week. I think I'll pass on that.

I'll write more in few days.

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