I am Princess

When I first attended school, everyone call me by my name Princess which I don't like because everyone think I have a lot of money. Maybe because we were young back then and so innocent that we thought we are named according to what we have in life.

Then comes high school. Memories, my friends, all girls school, giggles, shouting and many more. And I still hate being called by my first name, Princess.

Life at Ateneo was so much fun. No one will call me Princess, they call me Hunee. It was spelled as "Honey" but because I have classmates who are guys so I am often confronted by their girlfriends, which is funny and I will never forget those moments, so I changed the spelling to Hunee.

I'm tracking my high school classmates on Facebook and at first they don't know I am Hunee now. So what I did was track down my close friends first. I was able to add the best teacher, Mrs. Adriano. She likes calling me Princess.

I used to think life back then was hard. I didn't get to give myself a chance to even see how beautiful it is and the memories. I love it!

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