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I have been writing about working at MTC Academy and its nature of business that it is a medical transcription school. Now, MTC Academy has a sister company, ZipIT Solutions, Inc., which is primarily a medical transcription service organization.

On the first year that we've operated MTC Academy in Davao, there were a lot of curious people asking what is medical transcription. After a year and a half, people were asking where can they apply. My boss and I firmly believes that you don't give fish to people, instead teach them how to fish and so my boss initiated that there should be a transcription organization in Davao. So there is Transcription Alliance of Davao, Inc. (TADI) which is an organization of training providers, such as MTC Academy, and service providers, such as ZipIT Solutions, Inc.

Last August 29, at the Royal Mandaya Hotel, a discussion on both academes and employers on how to address a particular problem in recruitment or hiring. Although there was a drop on the number of enrollees which is mainly due to the economic problem, the real problem is job placement and why there's a little percentage of hiring?

I had my own taste of how it is to be unemployed. After so many job interviews you still don't get the job you applied for, especially the ones related to your course. At first I did not know that I have to have the basic skills. I just thought, I graduated from a prestigious school so I can easily be hired. I guess not! Because I simply don't give up, I landed on my first job after 5 years of being unemployed.

At the Jobs Fair at Sangguniang Panglungsod, last August 30-31, there are some applicants that would come to the employer's booth and would pass their resume without knowing the industry. I told myself that I was like that when I used to apply for a vacant position. Now I've realized it's a "No-No" to wear slippers, jeans, and as an applicant please let us not forget to at least look fresh and neat.

It is always good to have forums although some forums are really irrelevant.

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