Aftermath of Quitting

I am so afraid of quitting. Normally I would like to do something for a long time but when I am finally doing and enjoying, at one point in time I just do not want to continue doing it. Inside me is a battle of whether or not to move to the next level or should I say.

After so many times of feeling down after another is like a roller coaster ride that never end. I started to view the other side of my coin, appreciating what today has for me and stop worrying about my future and lingering on my past. What makes it even worse is living everyday moving forward because you do not have any other choice after quitting.

The idea of moving on is somehow easy to think but really hard to do. Even if you tell yourself everyday that you got the best foot forward and you are going to be just alright, the other foot seems like nailed on that ground that it does not want to let go.

I got to be strong. I got to be awakened. It just got to be. (Inhale, Exhale)


janettetoral.com said...

Hi Hunee. I think once you reach (or lose hope in reaching) the peak of what you are doing, your mind starts to yearn for something greater. On the positive side, it is great to know that you recognize your potential, willing to take action when the right time comes, and make it happen.

Hunee Royo said...

Hi! Janet. Thanks for the comment. I know it is part of growing but it is always scary to know that once you get out of the box or the room you are used to, you know there are uncertainties out there that you might bump into that could bring you down. I am sure you are aware that it is not easy to get up. A lot of courage is required to get up and of course it always depends on what is the level of the downness (copyright :D) that you are feeling.

I am sure it will be ok. I am young and I can do this. Just have to start the day with enthusiasm and end it with enthusiasm as well. Bringing the best of what I got. Somehow I will get through..

Thanks again. :D

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