Corporate World

It is a typical day at the University where you go in the classroom because you have a class. Professor talks about the good the bad and the ugly in accordance to what his experience are and what the recommended book says. You were unintentionaly lead to the belief that you will be doing this and that once you work for real. You set your mind into something hypothetical. It is not real at all. It is real for him for they have experienced it whilst the facts that were detailed and taught to us his students.

The funniest is after college. I thought it is easier to put up and manage my own business. If I solely depend on my education, I would be running my business to disaster. Eventually that happened to me. I spent thousands of pesos on to a desktop plublishing business, although I made it to breakeven but to any businessman a breakeven does not mean profit.

It is hard to believe and especially accept that I paid college tiution at a prestigious university only to believe on hypothesis and make myself over confident that I can make it big in the next five years. I have somehow realized that I did that to myself and not my professors or the university I went to. I made the choice and I made the assumptions so I have to blame me. Going back to "hard to believe and especially accept", blaming myself is another example to that.

I am now working butt off, working hard both day and night. I felt I am not paid what I believe, is due to me. Then again I must think I was squeezing my staff because I was literally not earning enough to pay what is due to them. I step back and think again that my professors are right. I just understood them in a different way and that understanding is only to my advantage.

The world where I am now keeps me up to date to what is new. I love it because my body seems to be enjoying it too despite the stress, pressure, body pains, lack of sleep, not eating at the exact time or skipping meals and etcetera.

The corporate world is not always as relaxing as compared to university or college days. Once you are working, you will feel beat up at the end of the day. You will love it when it is pay day. You will slowly see yourself wanting a credit card. You will see yourself wearing branded clothes. You will see yourself buying gadget every Christmas bonus. You will see your shoe rack with shoes that you do not actually need. You will see yourself eating at a fancy restaurant. You will love it, hate it, despise coworker or even your boss. You will feel victory and receive memo for unsatisfactory conduct. And the list goes on.

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