Digital Times

The best thing about pictures today is that you can take them anywhere with you. If you are a traveler and do not want to miss your family, you can save your pictures on your laptop and view them everytime you think about them.

Digital cameras can be brought anywhere and you can recharge your battery, or if not, you can buy another set of batteries. Taking pictures is the best way to keep memories. It would be so nice to reminisce and recall the enjoyable moments of the pasts. Laptops have been the easiest way to share pictures with people without having to print them on paper. If you have your laptop with you, by simply turning on the laptop and click on picture viewer, your friends and families can enjoy watching you baby's pictures.

Holidays are coming in and reunions and family gatherings will happen again. This is also one way of showing off your pictures or the great memories of the last Christmas or the Thanksgiving dinner to everyone using a LCD TV this time. Laptops are smaller and if there are 5 or more of you viewing the pictures, LCD TV is the best way to view it. Some would be on the sofa, some standing, others are sitting on the floor and everyone will laugh at the slideshow seen on the LCD TV.

In everytime you use your laptop or your LCD TV, the photo sharing experience becomes more of broadcasting your pictures during those intimate moments of some friends and families. The beauty of viewing of these pictures means the whole family can now see themselves on laptops or LCD TV. So, the next time a visit to your relations gets a bit boring, bring out your camera and give everyone a star turn.

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