When Personal Stuff Clashes with Office Stuff

I wish I did not write something about this. But I always stick to the bigger goal that when writing this insight I might and could have picked up something to learn about.

It did not happen to me. It happened to somebody else. Two points are, I think, correct and can be considered right as to each stand point. Somehow things are not an advantage to both. Why did I say that? When right things clashes together, there something in that clash that just got to be wrong or not right at all.

In human ways, society set these group of righteousness but to once point of views can not be right nor correct. Example at school. We are asked to wear them all the time. That rule is somehow accepted by most but not by the remaining few. Some may not like it. I do not know their reason but as human we have got to understand and respect that. Although, the saddest point in the end is that the remaining few left no choice but to follow. No matter how many times the remaining few tried to explain their side, it is just not right nor correct for it is against the human laws which is again made up by society.

There is nothing wrong with human laws or the rules made up by society because it is for the better. We all live harmoniously only because of these laws. But, as human, we should not forget on reflecting what had happened to us earlier on (if we are on that situation where we felt we were misunderstood).

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