How do I get to earn extra

I am always encouraging friends to try to earn extra because I just do not want to hear, "my salary is not enough for my family or even to me." I am tired hearing that over and over again.

We all have 24hours to do things. You are suppose to sleep for 8 hours but since we have TV at home, you only sleep for 5-6 hours a night. Office hours should only be 9hours, including the 1 hour lunch break. What is left is basically for household chores, TV, computer, talking and sending text messages, and probably sitting on that sofa doing nothing. Those stuff are all for 9 hours.

If you simply convert 3-4 hours of that to something productive you could have earned an additional 2,000 for the whole month or even more.

My typical day would be, going to the office at 7:30am and work till 6:00 pm. Before I close my computer I would check on my blog and my online proposals for transcription work. I did get to invest time to learn how to start blogging. I did get to invest my time and money to learn the basic in transcription and I invested time again to find clients. I would have 3-4 hours of sleep from Mondays to Saturdays. Sundays for me is lazy day.

I was able to turn my expense into something self liquidating. For example, I am using my internet access to earn extra so I can pay my internet. Don't you just love it when your monthly salary is all for savings and you.

If I was able to do it so can you.

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