And so I was tagged. Alright, I am playing the game only because momma @Devyl said so.

Step #1 - Link to the person who tagged you. Devylgyrl

Step #2 - Write Five Fun/Interesting Facts about yourself. This gives fellow bloggers (and your readership) a chance to actually get to know you better.

  1. I am single and dating and not dating. Workaholic to the max, if there is such thing.
  2. I am always on time and I hate waiting for people even for 5 minutes. I just value my time that is why.
  3. Always online for like 18 hours a day. I just lurk most of the time because with my kind of work I cannot concentrate if I say I am available for a talk or something.
  4. I read books which tells that I am boring sometimes. (NO I AM NOT!)
  5. I need an employer to hire me as a trainee in the US so I can work and experience work in there. I think it is one way for me to understand their culture.
Step #3 - Tag Six Other People and link to their blogs. Then let them know you’ve tagged them by twittering them or leaving a comment on their blog.

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