The Leader in Me

There has been many times that my pride was hurt. I have principles in life that I stick through so I can survive. It is not new to me to change those principles because I believe everyday this world is growing.

No matter how many times I wanted to take the right path, there are times that I question my principles because somehow, at the back of my mind I am thinking, I needed to be the first. I can not forever be letting others be ahead of me.

The human nature to be greedy and selfish. I do not deny that because even it is just in my head, I am still being greedy. Somehow this thing in my head just comes out through my actions. I do not intend to be it like that but I have to decide to be greedy sometimes in order to know that I am wrong. And all these times, I have to act it so I can be reprimanded and then I would get the chance to realize and recall all over. That way I can be better. But I am sorry if I have hurted you.

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