My Kadayawan 2007

My first time to join Kadayawan. I thought it'll be a waste of time when you join. I am born in Davao and yet I never had the chance to join the a parade nor join a city's competition. Now I am glad that I did.

Friday when we went out to get some flowers. Saturday night when we started to decorate the float. To our dismay, it rained hard that night so we have to wait till the rain stopped. Sunday, 5am, when it was 80% done and we don't have a choice but to stop what we are doing because we need to prepare for the parade. Imagine that, no sleep for 24 hours and counting.

Competing floats should be its designated area by 6 am. Judges are here, there and everywhere. Wow! This is so nice. Of course, we didn't get to finish our float but we are happy the way it is. There were bigger floats with lots of flowers and there were floats with no other flowers except orchids.

Thanks to Christian Te for the pictures.

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