My Own Guerrilla Marketing

Businesses nowadays would spend not more than thousands of money just to let others or prospects that they exist. Let us take me as an example.

Hi! I am Hunee Royo, I dream to have my own company 5 years from now. After 5 years I wish it'll reach from south to north of my country. After 5 years, I wish to conquer the rest of the world too engaging in export. After 5 years again, I dream and wish that my employees for 10-15 years would have a share at the company I have started.

In reality, I only have a hundred thousand. How do I start a business with only a hundred thousand and I have to compete with the existing companies. These companies market madly that I get to be intimidated sometimes. Also, in reality, I am just a marketing assistant at MTC Academy Davao. It is a medical transcription school.

My own guerrilla marketing starts from me everyday. My work would start around 8am but I am in the office at 6:30am. Asking me why? I am in the office at 6:30am because I wanted to do 15 things daily and not just 8-10 hours. Normal working hours is 8 hours, and to really maximize your 8 hour you do 10 things do to everyday. For me I would spend 12 hours in the office to do at least 15 things to do. That's a guerrilla marketing for me. Before I can make my dream a reality I have to start with the little things I do today.

My everyday counts, hours, minutes, and seconds counts. I need to do things religiously so that I can achieve my goal as an employee, as a person, and someday I will bring this attitude as a businesswoman. I believe guerrilla marketing starts with how I do my daily task. Do I let a day just pass me by with nothing to do? Do I have "I'm tired today, I'll do that tomorrow" attitude? Do I make everything on my own without asking help from a third party? And so on and so forth.

In guerrilla marketing, irregardless of how little you spend, you will spend anyway. In guerrilla marketing, irregardless of you don't like to talk to people everyday, you will talk anyway. You don't want to do this but you do that anyway. In guerrilla marketing, it simply describe the way effective marketing should be done without incurring too much expenses in execution of a plan. This effective marketing is the daily routine that we do whether social, or it is because we are paid to do so which is our job.

Everyone has a dream and the execution of that dream will begin in our own daily guerrilla marketing. My own guerrilla marketing starts from the very beginning my mother has taught me to walk, to speak and sends me out to school. If you try to look back you are actually doing marketing, the guerrilla way, without spending a lot. Guerrilla marketing is not about a company, it is more about you as a person. When you do it right, you do your job in a company right, you do your job as a family member right, and you do your job as a person right.

Be a guerrilla marketer. Be true.

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