My Tigatto Adventure

Monday morning, not that cold though. I like Mondays, it is the "bring it to me" time. I love going out especially to places that I'm not familiar with. It is this day that will decide whether I can do something better for the whole week.

I went out to meet someone in her office in Tigatto, Buhangin. It is a place in Davao that I am not used to. The first time I got there with Michelle was in 2006. We took a taxi ride in going there so there's not too much a problem. This time, I am confident that I will be able to find the office of Ms. Sol because she said, "We are just in Tigatto, along the right side. If you see a container van that is ours." Oh, well, I can do this. I know there is a jeepney ride going to Tigatto, so I took that ride. The driver told me, "This is my last stop Miss. You can ride a motorcycle to go to the place you want to." Then I said, "WTF!" I waited for 30-40 minutes for that motorcycle, and it is completely a waste of time so I asked around where is the nearest school because Ms. Sol said just look for a public school we are just in front of that school. This old lady said, "It is just way up ahead. It is just near here." Alright, there you go it is just near here. I decided to walk.

Oh , dear, where is that near thing that this old lady says when I am actually walking for 45minutes now and I still don't see the container van nor the public school. Damn! It is so hot, it is 11am in my watch now where the heck is that office.

There you go I see the container van, and since I am meeting up a person who owns this company I'm visiting I have to check how I look in the mirror. Good Lord! It look like I was robbed. Oh, dear, I don't have the choice since I am already here I have to let that person see me sweating and smelly. I smell like the heat of the sun. Good thing I worn a very light shirt. I just feel sticky especially when I got inside the office because there was an AC.

Going back to the city is another thing. Don't tell me I should walk again? Oh no I'm not going to walk, I will wait for a jeepney. Standing for 30 minutes again waiting for that jeepney ride? Today is Monday, it shouldn't be this way. Now it's 12:30pm, lunch time. One motorcycle ride. Alright, I'll go for the motorcycle ride as long as it will take me to the city. Another long ride under the heat of the sun.

Lesson learned: Ask your boss for a taxi ride.

This is my job, and good thing about all this is that I was able to experience it, a little funny when I try to remember what happened. I was able to go there on my own. I should say this was a great experience, and makes me appreciate and thank people that I was able to do my job because of them.

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