A University of the Southeastern Philippines Experience

August 18, 2007, Kadayawan sa Dabaw. It was also the day that University of Southeastern Philippines Society of Information Technology Students celebrated their SITS Day.

It rained the night before, and I didn't expect that at 7:30am they were not yet prepared. I was quite hesitant to offer help because there are a lot of things in my mind and I might cram if I think of a lot of things. The usual things happened, Digital Projector is not set to the laptop we were using. One thing also, you could not see what is being projected on the white screen. The white screen is a white clothe. Oh well, I would still would like to say a shout out to Charmaine, the president, because she's so small and she made it happened. I know she can do better next time.

I would like to give a shout out to Carlo too, he's a good master of ceremony. Also to Mam Dean Mamilic who gave a Spongebob inspiration.

The event turned out very well, as what we wanted it to be. Everyone is listening and I know that for a fact because they were actually asking us questions. I would love to go back there and teach them how to do blogging and what is Google Adsense.


reynz said...

Pssst! Grabe ngiti mo! Apektado ako! hehehe! love it! Salamat sa pagdalaw pala.

I love Davao City! The best place evah evah evah! Especially dun sa pier with all the panga! I had a great time there when I visited, besides I used to travel to Davao when I used to work in Makati for Carlos J Valdes & Co., CPA's, we have a lot of clients there and the people in Davao are ohhhh cute, handsome!!!! I'd like to take them allll kaso di magkasya sa plane!

I'm home this year and hopefully I get to visit again!

Nindot na lugar ug daghan gwapo lagi! (tama ba?!)


Hunee's Blog said...

Thanks for the comment. Magsabi ka pagnasa Davao ka na ha....

reynz said...

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