Twitter Family

According to @jacklhasa, I started the twitter family. I guess it started with @Devyl telling me not to do this and that. One time, @jesatiu mentioned he and @Devyl talked about me one time. So I assumed they were talking about my sleepless days. That's the main thing why @Devyl is so concerned about, that I might end up in the hospital. I drink too much coffee too. @Devyl don't like that.

That's how it all started. @jacklhasa joined the family during the time @Devyl is giving me "Don't" statements. I said, "At least @jesatiu is not here to give me sermons again." And so @jacklhasa became my older brother.

Recently, some family members just popped out of nowhere. @Sorenj as the step dad, we call him 'Stepper'. @SpencerC is the adopted brother, @jacklhasa called him Adoptee. @scarab is step-brother, @sorenj's son with another woman (no name yet). @yonderboy is the son of @jesatiu with another woman (no name again). @Despil as the uncle, and @ColleenCoplick as the Auntie. Last one, the sister-in-law @bethanie (@yonderboy's girl)

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