I Feel Good!

This is a follow up with my post yesterday.

I definitely feel good. Someone just visited me today and started talking trash. Wow! That was awesome! I'm thinking it that way because I don't want my day be ruined by someone who's not happy today or a headache to make me frown. I think that what you tell yourself to be will be for the rest of the day. So if I say, I'm upset today and don't mess with me, then I would probably bring that attitude to all that would come to me and talk to me. In the end, you'll look ugly not just because you didn't smile but because they way you approached someone was entirely different from what you were when you were happy. You may not notice it.

This is what I do. I frequently have this headache especially when I am on the computer for 10-12 hours daily and I didn't get enough sleep. Before, if someone is irritating, I would end up upset and mad at that person. But now, I just tell myself, "I have a headache and it's not gonna make me frown."
I do feel good after telling myself that.

I don't want to let any negative energy eat me. I don't want negative energy to eat my day as well. I got beautiful mornings everyday. I get hugs from my nephews. I get greetings both online and offline. There are more positive events that happened that are more worthy of what I can give back and what my today can offer. Plus, negative stuff never really get me somewhere. It made me stand out, alone, angry and alone. I've intentionally typed "alone" twice because it is true.

In negativity, you develop a multiple YOU. Having no one with you. A very sad YOU. In positivity, you develop a multiple YOU in how many people are greeting you good morning, and hellos. Say it with me now, I FEEL GOOD.

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LadyBanana said...

I feel good now! It's Sunday morning, it's sunny and I'm listening to my music...

Let's hope it lasts all day!

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