Life is Hard.. Compared to What?

Have you watched the movie, "Bucket List"? I've watched it a couple of times. Always make me cry at the end.

I always wonder why people, like me, work damn hard to get something in life. Most of the time, when we knew that there'll be money involved and we are sure we are gonna be paid for what we've done, we think ahead of buying ourselves pretty clothes or fancy shoes. But when time comes to collect payment, something important came up and well, it needs money too. We seldom don't have a choice but to simply let go of clothes and shoes and say, "Maybe next time."

In everyday, we inclined to things that had happened and we know there'll be continuity to it but we never think of what could be out there, for it is pretty scary to bring our hopes higher than where we are.

It does hurt a lot when you are so determined to achieve these things and do it in the future for we don't hold our future. We might fall, and no one will be there to catch us.

We don't have to live life like a ticking clock. We don't have to live life like it's gonna be the end of it tomorrow. Life is hard but compared to what? Funny question but I think is the truest question there is.

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