Thoughts from a Wanderer

My blog title is redundant. I know that and I mean that. Who cares anyway. It is mine and you are free to read my blog and comment.

On my best effort to help Twitter Travels to get more funds for travel, this person I know that come from California asked me, "What's Twitter anyway? Who cares about them traveling? You even have a redundant name that doesn't make sense."

He got a point there and I respected that reaction. My blog title has something to do with what I love in life and yet with little resources, I could not do it all for real. That's also one reason why I follow and support two guys who could have heard the same reaction from others. I love to travel. I would like to be a nomad, but until now I am in a city where I am born. I can go to other city but I would go back here because I can't go on traveling without funds. So, I work my butt off everyday to save that money and so that I don't have to beg and ask from others. I love wandering as well. If I am new to this city, you won't see me in one corner of the hotel room and peek outside. I go out, and I don't care if I get lost.

My thoughts; people can only see the title but not the real wandering nomad in me. What if I have the money to travel, others would probably say, "She's wasting money and time." With my blog and my addiction to twitter has a purpose. I get to know people from different cultures and I get a free education from them. If there'll be more, then that's an extra freebie. It maybe a waste of time for you but not for all of you. You know that there is something good that can learned from it. You were just bitter because you haven't done the same thing at all. And if you would do it, you are scared others will laugh and ridicule your work.

I'll continue to be the wandering nomad. Even if you don't like it.

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Devyl Gyrl said...

I'd like to smack the person making stupid remarks. Who cares what your blog name is? It is YOUR name, YOU are the one who looks at it daily and YOU chose it for a reason. Tell them to shove it. Or point me in the right direction, and I will tell them to shove it!

*tries to calm mothering instincts*

That being said, I hope you get to travel one day soon, sweetheart. You're working so hard to take care of others and do the right thing for your family. I want you to be able to enjoy your life in the best way possible ... following your dreams.

I love you.

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