Wicked Agenda

I am disappointed that some people are using me to go up of the ladder. I worked hard to get to where I am, and the only thing that is so precious to me right now is me credibility to others who know me.

What I do at work is entirely the same with what I do when I am not at work.
I live a life both online and offline. What I am offline is the same as to who I am online. I don't want to hide anything for I'd like to start wandering as a nomad as the person whom I introduced to the common public, may it be online or offline.

I have this huge dream board. The dream board was set aside when I am disappointed but I would hurry back and put it in front of me again, especially when I am sleeping and waking up, I have to see that dream board. With that dream board, I was able to come up with a blog title, "Wandering Nomad" It is redundant but I like the way it sound plus I can be going to this place again and again so I think it is okay to use that title. I only love to travel. That's my agenda. I am aware that some people's agenda are not the same with my agenda. They might not know it but somehow a good agenda can in turn be a bad or wicked agenda, or I might not know it that to others my agenda is a wicked agenda. But how do you make an agenda a good agenda? It is a simple answer, be true to what you just told your listeners.

I tell my readers that this blog tells who I am. When I speak at a large crowd, I tell them who I am. No more, no less. I don't have to use other people's name to get to where I am now. Before, some laugh at me because somehow my posts sucks. I am aware of that but I won't get to be a good writer in the future if I don't write bad posts today. Annoying it may be, but some readers are into reading just to find faults from the doings of another. Some writers are into writing because they wanna be talking about another person and hide their faces so they won't be hunted. Sad but true, and I respect that for they want it that way. I am not born to be a clone for another but I am born to be a catalyst to another.

This personal blog contains my thoughts, my work, my life, my love, my rant, and other stuff that I love to do and admire. You can disregard it. There may be two or three reasons why you don't like it. I know one, you simply don't like it because your ego got hurt. You simply could not deny that you were using me to your wicked agenda. On the contrary, I like the attention though.

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Anonymous said...

This personal blog contains YOUR thoughts, YOUR work, YOUR life, YOUR love, YOUR rant, and other stuff that YOU love to do and admire. I CANNOT disregard it.

Your blog is a pleasure to read :)
Clean, and reflects a very keen understanding of life~

Cheers :)

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