Optimistic View of Life

I'm not gonna pretend that I know everything but things are happening because this is what I think about how it's going to happen for real. Honestly, I don't do this exercise frequently, I just know that it will because I do believe in myself too much. Sometimes, I detract myself from others for they think of me as insane.

The real thing, I pretty agree with the insane Hunee. In most occasion, I do not like what others are doing but then again I do respect what they think and do for their life. If I continue on to think that it's gonna be a big deal what others think of me, I might grow into frustration and depression and may try to make them think of me the way I want them to be.

My life's joy is more important to me as to what I want in life and how I want to achieve that. First, I would like to have a Macbook. I know I am dreaming, but it wouldn't be that unreasonable to have one. I certainly lack the money for it but I do feel I can get one Macbook later. You can disagree with my thoughts, by the way, you are free to do that. I can not hold you on to what you are thinking. I absolutely think, it is a nice way to relax and refresh my mind through this kind of conversation.

Every day, I feel good. I feel great, actually. I am happy for the mornings. It may be gloomy or sunny or hot at mid day, I don't really mind the heat as long as I have something to wear to cover me. I don't think my optimism is a product of other people or what had happened to me early in the morning, it is more of my choice and that choice simply comes from my heart that I want to be smiling today.

People that I haven't met tells me that I have a big heart. My optimism is infectious, and I am adorable. It is really nice to know that I did that to them. I don't really want to talk about how others think of me, I just won't let that ruin my post today. I am not trying to get them to fell in love with my simple hugs and kisses but I just want them to feel good about themselves too. I think it is the best way to start and end a day with a smile and light feeling in your heart. I think it is more healthy. I think it is more rewarding if it really come from you. Although, the people that I am talking to everyday still have the choice to reject what I am trying to inject to them.

My day will end soon. Another post of optimism tomorrow.

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dailytwitter said...

am inspiring post @hunee. your hugs make me feel good too. am glad twitter has made what seems like 9000 miles away feel like 9 second near :) *hugs* from london.

dailytwitter, the philosopher

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