My world does not revolve around me. I revolve around the world I live in. In such case, I am to live with people who don't like me and who like me. The rest of the story will go along as I would have to live life and be wary of.

In a chance that this mouth will speak of heated words from the mind of a broken hearted, I do speak out what I think is right and no one will tell me that it is wrong. I live happily while others would see my way of living as hell for it is boring in their eyes. I do dream of seeing everyone smiling.

If I do not please you, then I could not think of anything else to do but to move on and continue living a life of black and white. I would not intend to keep the real me only because the internet is not supposed to be trusted. The only rainbow you'll see in me is when you know why I exist. And I exist to make others happy. If I don't make you happy, it is no longer my problem.

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Scarab said...

Reality is a perception.

Perceptions can change.

Open your eyes, do what you want.


Thank you for that great post. It shows that you really do believe in yourself. I wish I could do the same.

Only too often am I caught between dreams and reality, trying to figure out which is the true world. The one that I supposedly belong to.

I've never really had a chance to thank you for all the support you have given Jack and I. Most of the work seems to be getting done by Jack or Mark, so I'm only along for the ride till something needs to be written... Sad sorta, but I prefer to live in the shadows, the background if you will.

You're about the only person other than @Yonderboy who has show full support through out the whole ordeal, and for that, I thank you.

Regards and love,
Scarab Susanti

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