May 14

I started the day waiting for someone to come online and wished we will get to talk. I got too tired with waiting so I went off to bed. I woke up because temperature is rising and I can't take the heat touching my skin.

I've noticed someone's up because they are talking like bitches on the street. Damn! Bad thing about living with someone else is that they don't find respect with the others as well. They think they rule the world only because they are the one who's paying the bills. Hey! I pay the bills too. Why would I be giving too much when I don't spend too much time inside the house? Don't you ever think that I was paying the bills before. And you didn't hear anything from me, you bitch!

Still getting my posture back, I opened my computer waited for him again. Hiding my anger inside and just let it rest as I watched the t.v.

I noticed time passed quickly and still my computer is on because they'r using the internet and they couldn't get access to the internet if my computer is on. Damn! It has been on since this morning and any minute now the sun will set again and your not done?

Another day in my life. Completely sucks! And because I am more educated and I can hold up the anger and hoping that they will soon realize their mistakes because adults doesn't like to be told. I'll rest my case and soon when this happen again, I'll kick their asses for sure.

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