Turning Point

I walked through life with cemented streets, crooked roads, and with manholes in it. In everyday journey, I passed to a lot of streets on my left and right that I decide not to go into. In my mind I'd rather go the long process than make the shortcut. Opportunities came when you really have to decide to make that turning point. One of the biggest was to make a turn to the right. I began to realize I was back to the middle of my journey again, the insecure street. There is nothing I can do with it but to accept and live through it again. Once I got to the right street that once I made that turning point, I simply looked at it from the street corner and says, "Damn gurl! Well you learned something from it." and I moved on.
Few more blocks ahead, I saw a red street. Fascinated with it. I got happy with the color and all the stuff I see in it. I entered and journeyed the red street. Gladly I think, I made the right choice. There were a lot times that red turns too dark and it look like it was black already, but I continued on.

My journey is still on the red street now. I do not know when to turn again. I do not know that if I stop and look back, will I be able to find the street before or should I just continued on because it'll hurt so much to turn back or I'm just too scared to face the reality. Or perhaps, there was really something on the end that will make it worth while. I still don't know what it is. I guess I have to move on and would write again what I've encountered.

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