My Life in Sorrow

I just feel bad when I got home. I don't know whether they wanted me to hear something or they just wanted me to share something. Are they proud because theu paid the bills this time and I didn't? Or I misjudge them?

I really don't know but what the hell. I don't care. I live my life the way I would want it to be. My life in sorrow. My life in happiness. My life in love. My life in bittersweet thing. No matter how it will end up, the main purpose is that I live life the way it should be.

I may be in sorrow but I know I can find something that will make me get through the dark again. I know I can do it because I know myself and I believe and trust myself that I can.

Most people would like to bring you down unintentionally, because all they think is what they would feel after saying such words. Words that would make them feel important or in the limelight but those words, are pain to the ears of other people. Words, when used to something that will benefit the person saying it will be discouraging and hurtful to someone else.

Next time pick the right words to say. Like my Teddy Bear always tells me; Think before you say it.

I love you teddy bear. Always will be my only Jerry Dunn.

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