Weekend Madness and Monday Escapade

Weekend was great. Saturday was great too. At last, there were 22 graduates from MTC Academy Davao City. It was fulfilling for me because I somehow encourage them to take up the course. So my next stop is to provide them choices of where they want to work.

The next day, Sunday, me and Daxie watched the movie "Shrek" with happy feet (Nancy). Then late at night we watched Josh Holganza and Ate Jenny Gallego as they danced on stage at the CAP Auditorium.

Josh made some groovy stuff, while, Ate Jenny made some graceful dance. I have to go home early though, I still need to wake up 2am the next day.

Woke up 4am instead of 2am. Had to take a bath quickly and had to go to MTC. Off to Tagum City with Michelle for some Career Orientation Seminar. Left Davao around 6am. Took the bus, Bachelor's Express, and slept for at least 45 mins. Travel to Davao Regional Hospital through what we call "Tricycle" (only in the Philippines). No breakfast yet. Stomach aching for some food. No money in my wallet nor in my pocket. Had to stand up in line to withdraw through ATM machine. Passed through 2 blocks, then found Mcdonalds. One piece chicken and spaghetti with Coke Float for breakfast and lunch. Do another round of Career Orientation Seminar with Davao Regional Hospital. Courtesy Call with the Information Officer of the Provincial Capital of Davao del Norte. Good thing my last name is Royo, they've asked if I'm related to Dr. Royo. Thank God! I know something about him and I got the eyes of the Royo's so I say I built a foundation with them already and I can go back to them anytime. Next stop, meet Dr. Royo.

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