Driftwood - wood floating on a body of water or cast ashore by it. I am like it, floating somewhere. Lonley, all alone, no one to talk to. Anything that you can describe a driftwood may be. You got to be one in anytime. It is the only thing that will make you realize you needed to low down yourself from a pedestal that you made. Thinking you were somebody else, superior than the rest.

I'm sitting on a beach waiting for someone to knock. I do pray teddy will knock one of these days. I know he cares for me. Or should I do that? I do not know what to do.

Life sucks when you are in a point of you don't know what to do. Life's great when you are in love.
Just like in the song Accidently In Love, I see it that way. Everyone shouts when you are falling and yet everyone gossips when you are crying in that corner. They would gather around you when you are smiling but when you are like a driftwood nobody cares.

Oh, gosh. Wishing life is opposite to what it is now.

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