I'm Back!!!!

Posted by Hunee | 11/13/2007 07:10:00 AM | , | 0 comments »

I am back to the blogosphere!!

After a so-called crying stage of a nomad's life, I am back to usual verge of a wanderer hoping to catch some news on the technology, my very own road trips, and my not so productive marketing career. You bet! I am lucky to be interviewed for a position not meant for a newbie like me but since my name is around town like a bee buzzing from ear to ear of the executives, making noises like "she's hunee". Hahahahahaha....that's all I can say. Watch out for me soon.

The keys to regain back my sanity after a short loss of breath, because of the changing weather, and the waiting for the bear to come out of my cabin. Hmmm...you guess what I mean.

Here goes what's my twisted spaghetti mind has to say:

I have been fighting vampires so that I can earn golds. I have been twittering my mind over a website where others will get to read it and say, "That's a slap on my face. You B!+(H! ". It was indeed a boring days. A wanderer shouldn't be staying in one place or else the wanderer wouldn't get where she is supposed to be at.

Now, I am a werewolf with a vengeance. Who took my golds?

So long people, I got to end this before someone comes in.