Spell the Word G-E-E-K

People say that I am a geek. I don't think I am because I don't even know what Leopard is and Boink and Jayvee Fernandez are so happy they got their new skin for their mac. They are the two people I know who use Mac for life.

Here's another friend, Chattee, who bought a cake for her iShuffle.
And another friend, Dom, talks about his love for Ubuntu.

I think being a geek means you love a thing more than anything else only because it brings some satisfaction to you and you don't care if you are labeled as a geek. It does not entirely mean that you're different. You simply care for it.

1 comment:

Chattee said...

Such an honor to be listed amongst Jaime, Dom, and Jayvee. Then again, I'm just a quasi. I am toooo far behind the "3 great ones". LOL

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