Amidst Uncertainty

In this season when sudden change of weather affect my mood, with the twisted tongue to being a person who can articulate in other means just to let out what is on her mind. My way of life does not include being a brat but somehow I am, all my life, I guess. Too much noise that I often choose what is peaceful way of speaking the thoughts that hides behind my eyes.

Varied situations that I would want to ascertain something that would be of value to this vivacity or my journey to the never-ending joy, in terms of my own definition. I do not wish to call it happiness, although it may try to look at it the same way, but joy gives a meaning of forever, when happiness only implies transitory or "just this moment".

Amidst uncertainty of my 10 years ahead of me, I seldom think I can make it to the cruel world but mostly I think of what can be done for today and tomorrow for tomorrow can be in your hands by deciding in line with what happened today. But for the next following week would be unknown for me.

Making it a little bit worthwhile, my mind converse poetically but too much of it would not reach the brainiacs. Uncertainty of this journey would be of insult to others but only an expression of my freedom to shout what I think would be right for me to do. To babble would mean to hurt but most of the times the intention was the other way around, it was just to let out a conception made from the bottom of the cerebrum.

Wish me luck!

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