Crying Nomad.....Moving On Nomad?

Posted by Hunee | 11/09/2007 07:37:00 AM | , | 0 comments »

It was definitely not a good week for me. It was a week of accident then missing someone then moving on. I am still not sure with moving on because you can't move one when you don't want to let go.

If in case anyone wonders, I do not have the intention to write a post of what had happened but I would rather write down what I feel. I simply would want to write and read later what I have learned and since I don't love writing it down in a piece of paper, I would like to write it here in my blog.

It wasn't easy. I was not told. Should I be told? I know it is hard to articulate nor express what is in mind and verbalize it in such a word or phrases that it will be said to another. I do have the right to know. You do have the right not tell either. Come to think of it as a way to end someone's hope. I know dreams will shatter and bringing sanity together will be hard again. It will be much harder to be left somewhere, where you have no idea if you ought to give up or not.

If you got courage to utter such insult to another why can't you whisper adieu. Do not just abdicate someone hanging, waiting for an answer.

I celebrate those days. I dread this day that I need to decide.