My "Hot Buttons"; The Sensitive Part of Me

Everyone has it. Everyone might not recognized it but it spoils their day. My "Hot Buttons" are the sensitive part that gets me irritated. You bet! I ain't talking about my other sensitive part, I'm talking about what makes me mad.

Things that makes me mad:
1. Taking my things from its place and not returning it back.
2. Forgetting you owe me something. ( I hate that!)
3. Making my Mondays look like a hell.

I do appreciate it if you can at least give me a valid reason but do not ever ever make up alibis or else it will make me more upset.

When I am upset at someone, I do count backwards. It helps a lot for me especially when I am at work and I don't have a choice, I could not simply go out and leave.

What makes you mad?

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