What If? An Ingress to a Nomad's Mind

It is never a mistake to think of something you thought you can be like someone whom you think is worse than you. An ingress to the thoughts of a nomad searching to what can be better a marketing career or something else.

Welcome to my Tuesday's thoughts.

What is currently residing in my mind today are pure thoughts, random thoughts perhaps that has no end. I would want to reach what life has to offer, but with not much strength to conquer, it has left me miles behind my objective. A humble objective of reaching the joy of this life. An objective that somehow makes me hungry for more and in most times wonder why this has no end. Would someone describe what is complete and why there is such a word when no one can ever achieve completeness?

What if to a nomad's life, perfection would be achieved, would there be joy after? Would there be a reason to live when you've reached the end? How do you describe an ending? Is it dying or you're still alive but you just don't move on because you've reached the end?

In my journey to wander around my little circle of life; in my quest to finish it all in a day; in my hopes to get what I want; my life is not a thing to be achieved but to continuously conquer challenges that comes my way thus making sure I can be stronger after. It is not a thing that someone can just tell me what to do but rather it is a thing that I should manage. I direct my life, and I decide for my life.

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