Jermaine Griggs: What He Has Done

"It doesn't matter where you came from, it doesn't matter what color you are or how old you are, your background...doesn't matter of anything. The internet lies on to whoever get in to it....thank God from being born in this era, for having an easy way to money money online."
That's what he said when I first seen his video on Youtube.com.

Yep! I like these kind of people. The never-give-up people.

I was hooked to "Rich Dad Poor Dad" of Robert Kayosaki and any books of John Maxwell, and now I'd probably listen to this guy name Jermaine Griggs.

What is common with these guys is that they've decided to change from the very beginning and they were patient for the results to come and now they've achieved what they wanted and started to share what they've learn.

Jermaine Griggs started with a debit card. He never think of what could have happened after he purchase that domain. He really has done the amazing part of being an entrepreneur, the belief in oneself to do the impossible thing and he succeeded. Turning $70 to a million dollars, well that's how big and still growing.

In the video that I have seen at Squidoo, he seems to be very determined with what he is doing. When I went to college, it was taught that when you do business you should have thought about what business first, then make a plan, then do some research about how to do and go around that business, then start doing it. With the situation of Mr. Griggs, the first thing he did was make a decision that he has to earn and wouldn't want to live like the way he used to live. If he wasn't able to see his situation before he started, that if he would have stayed he would have suffered more. I say, as an entrepreneur, before you ever get to start something you have to think of why you would want to do business? Is it because of money, or you would want to it more because of personal reasons like improving your life?

For my personal opinion, Jermaine Griggs deserved to be where he is now. His name is not that known to many Fililipinos but he sure has the guts to do what he wanted to do to survive and carry himself to the next level. For him, it doesn't matter where you do it but how you do it. I think this guy likes to learn new things every time he encounter something that can be of use to him and to his family.

In everyday that we deal with life, we make personal decisions that we think solely affect our future. In everyday decisions, it has little effect on to world that we are in. But with those little effect, when accumulated together, has brought even more challenges and more bigger decisions that will now have a bigger effect on to those who are close to us personally.

With Jermaine Griggs, he has done what he needed to do because he knew already what will happen if he will just make the biggest decision ever, during that time, to be able to improve his status. The second on the priority list would be earning enough to stay alive then make himself hungry for more without leaving his first priority in life which is to change for the better for himself and for his family.

When can I have that kind of moment? Hey! Mr. Griggs, can you tell me how?

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