Grinding my Resources to Make it Through 15 days

It is not easy as my father would tell me about being employed. It sucks big time. Why? It sucks because you do not own your time, and even if you have the idea you can't just do it right away because it needs the approval of someone but the other side of being employed is learning the hardest way of getting things done in any business.

When you will hear how much I get from working, you would say; "Ok na yan." With so many things to do in any office, an employee like me most of the times feel that what we earn is not enough. I guess, it mostly the reason why employed personnel create such unions.

I started my after college career as trying to be a businesswoman. That's what I went to college for, to learn how to make and build business. It was described to me as something easy to do with some accounting and research and you are all set to go. In the real world, it was not supposed to be that way. There are a lot of things you need to consider before getting your feet in that door to the business world.

As an employee, 13 days of working hard would mean payroll. That's money. But to survive for 15 days is another situation where an employee like me has to face. The income derive from 13 days of working, is not enough for the 15 days of survival. I would want to have a second job but my first job makes me so tired at the end of the day and that's the reason why I can't find a full time 4 hour work at night.

When I first get to realize that I am not secured of my work right now, I began to think of getting my own business through small things. Earning a little from it would mean a lot for the future. And still I have to grind my income to make it through a 15 days of survival.

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