Choose to Live Life to the fullest

Mediocrity isn't at root a national problem nor a corporate or institutional problem; nor a departmental problem... You see, mediocrity is first, a personal trait, a personal concession to less than our best.... Mediocrity always begins with me!
(from: John Maxwell's Book, You're Road Map to Success. I call this; You're Road Map to what you want)

Most of the times, we ask for something in one snap of a finger. We ask other people to do something for us only because the other could not give it to us. And we limit ourself from that corner because you don't want to let go with what we got used to.

Any one resist to change. Any one resist to commit. Any one resist to acknowledge that sometimes they have to step up so the others can follow. And most of the time, when we resist change, we look for something that will somehow gives us temporary solitude.

It is right to do that for humans are not perfect. We do not rule everything that is within the reach of your arm nor within the reach of your sight.

Everyday is a choice. There is no shortcuts to anyplace worth going. If you want something go get it but don't think you can get it easily. You can not dedicate yourself to pursuing pleasure and make genuine progress in your personal growth at the same time. You have to choose one or the other.

When I am in that situation, I normally confronts the other so I can choose better and rightful decision. For if I just let time control my future, there will never be any goals achieved. I'd rather get hurt now than endure hurt forever.

You pay a price for getting stronger.
You pay a price for getting faster.
You pay a price for jumping higher.
But also, you pay a price for staying just the same.

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