Computer Mediated Communication

It is the "in-thing". I don't know of anyone that does not know of what computer is. Amazing it is to see younger generation be exposed to computers so much and yet, they are also exposed to what I call "Bad Elements" in the internet. In return, the ability for a human being to react to what is real is somehow not being applied to computer mediated communications.

My love for computers started with Lotus application. Then there's hangman. There's Mario Teaches Typing. Then Yahoo Mail is there. Bill Gates as a millionaire because of Microsoft. There's Hotmail and so many other sites. Chat rooms are available to talk to someone on any place on the planet (I guess only to those with computers). Then there are social networking sites for us on the Web 2.0. No doubt, every time there is a new site it either give us what we want or it gives us headache.

Almost all of us who spend more than 8 hours in front of the computer knows what a chat room can do for us and what a chat room can do against us. The benefits can be are the following.

1. Teaches me to type fast.
2. Learn English the easiest way.
3. Able to know what the culture of this and that country.
4. Able to exchange ideas about anything.
5. ( and more if you may want to add)

While this are the disadvantages.

1. Pedophiles take advantage of younger kids. (It's a fact!)
2. You could not determine emotions whether he or she was angry or not. As humans, we normally read what's between the line and it is where miscommunication started.
3. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It is a medical condition where a nerve is compressed at the wrist leading to pain.
4. (Other things need not be mentioned)

In my case, I spend more than 12 hours in front of the computer. If there is a gym buff, I am a computer+internet buff. I am a very chatty person and indeed my speed in typing is quite fast. Since, social networking sites are available, I don't spend time in public chat rooms anymore. Normally, when I talk to this person for like 3-5 consecutive days, miscommunication begins. I don't blame the other to misunderstood me and no matter how many times I try to rephrase what I said to be understood the most humane way possible, I still get misinterpreted or vice versa. Still, it is a computer mediated communication and the more talk the more mistake. It is like, I am trying to explain and it is still not clear to the other end, and the more I try to explain the bigger the hole of misunderstanding.

Since I get to experience that first hand, I would like to advice a actual social gathering, meet person to person, and use the e-social gathering, meet cam to cam or mic to mic. It has to be balanced for if not, you might lose a friend that might be a lifetime to keep.

If it is not clear to you then ask and vice versa.

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