My Earth Hour

I first heard of Earth Hour at Twitter.com.
I can still remember who invited me for Earth Hour at Facebook.com, it was my twitter buddy, Gretchen. Honestly, I don't know anything about it not till I ask some twitter buds. Out of that moment, I suggested to DT (Dailytwitter), what if we ask some twitter friends all over the globe to take one shot of their Earth Hour celebration. We aim to get 10 but sadly because of short noticed, we got 5 pictures from different people.

My very own Earth Hour celebration is to take snap shots of different establishments participating in the said event. Sadly, none of which that are near to where I am turned off their lights for Earth Hour. My date is also an airhead which made my whole evening useless and unproductive.

If I could have known earlier then I would have prepared for it very well. It's not my event though, it is just that some people never care anymore. I can't just say the whole Davao did not participate, that would be unfair for those who silently celebrated Earth Hour in their individual homes.

I hope one day when there will be a worldwide event like this and we all know it does not consume much of our energy and time, I do hope we contribute somehow. I mean, this is for the earth we are living in.

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