Tragic Saga of the Other Woman

I like to read blog posts from other people especially those that write whatever it is on their mind.

I love the way Spike talks about the other woman. I also would like to suggest that Spike would also talk about those who are cheating. I am aware the whole post was Spike's advices to a woman who is having intimate romance with a married guy. So whether you are the other woman, the wife, the girlfriend or you know someone who is into this illegal relationship, read Spike's whole article here.

Here are some things that would probably struck you.
"........you freely entered into this relationhip with a full knowledge of the circumstances (ie. that he was married and that he was just looking to get his rocks off), so you really have no right to try to change the rules now.......

........that even a whore should be a professional whore, so that means you should say nothing. Just because the two of you have developed a level of intimacy and you have some twisted fantasy of building a life with this guy gives you no right to try to switch things up on him. That’s the cross the other woman has to bear. You don’t fuck with the guy’s real life.

..........You’re helping this guy cheat

.......because if everyone abdicates their own personal responsibility for good taste we court the apocalypse.

.........If you stop smoking this guy’s sausage it’s not going to stop him from looking, and its not going to stop some other hungry homo from taking your place, but you will no longer be contributing to the problem. It would be the moral choice.

........you’re just an asshole and you really need to spend some time thinking about why you make the evil choices you do. Or maybe you’re just a submissive little piggy who gets off on servicing guys. There’s nothing wrong with that, but there are plenty of big-dicked, sexy, single gay and “straight” guys out there looking for some action, so why not find one

.......But it’s your choice. You can either do the right thing, or you can continue being a greedy

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