Lessons 101

(Response to my very own post, "Hard work Wasted")

In a day to day basis, we prepare for things that we plan to do. Although, not all the times we prepare to for what might happen to us. In my case, I have done so much to make it happen but the person above my hierarchy, I don't know whether he forgot to tell me or not, made the whole thing blast without any piece of hard work left. I was devastated. Seriously. I felt betrayed. Not only I have the chance to meet and mingle with society, that's because that is my job. I also have the chance to make them believe that what I was telling them is legal and can be used for future purposes. It is legal but it can't be used for future purposes. It can only be used for you to be competitive in the art of coding.

My heartfelt thanks to this person who made me feel human again. Why? I thank him because if not for the experience I could have experience a bigger explosion in my future endeavors. Life indeed can be a surprise. I thought I had it in control but still it tells me I don't hold everything. I may think that everything will go smoothly.

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