Sweet One Week

Posted by Hunee | 3/27/2008 01:20:00 PM | , , | 0 comments »

I am happy
And busy
But you made me happy
and happier when you drop that line

So much to be true
But why not
Nothing is wrong with it
I'm too dreamy, am I?

"I love you so much"
"Is that for real"

"I love you too"
There I go again.

Don't get into fucked up situation young lady!
Of course, he never mean that!
He's fooling around!
Reality check ------ it is true.

"So you want me to choose?"
"No it is up to you'
Of course, he won't!
And he will never do that

Ding, Dong.
Special delivery
I love reality TV
Tells you to wake up

On the first floor.
Wanting to go to the second floor.
Let see...
Guess, you have to use the stairs again.

(This is how I describe the one week with you.)